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Evidence Beauty & Spa receives Ambience by Lu Valença

with the rebirth, present from the 14th century, the female beauty began to be seen with different eyes by society. So that now, different from what many think, the “beautiful woman” was not just the one who dressed well and kept her hair tidy. The concept was included in the personality of each one., in your way of being and acting towards others.

"Women have a very special power. Several mythological texts extol the feminine as a symbol of the divine origin and reflection of sacred love in earthly form". That's what Lu Valença declares, which returns to Evidence Beauty & Spa, After 1 year, but this time, with your individual "Women and Goddesses", the setting will be available for public visitation from 16 from December to 6 January 2022.

Valença, mentions that the objective of Atmosphere in Evidence is the portrayal of women as an essential part of the process of building society. He speaks, also, that they have extraordinary potential. "In a society, where we women need to constantly prove our worth, I feel encouraged to exalt our strength, beauty and courage.”

“Muses, goddesses, Heroes and lovers illustrate the many faces that define the unique facet of the jewel that makes up each woman. Fierce, Romantic, suffering and conquest, is valued in all its faces in Lu Valença's strokes and digital collages, by selecting the value and the right to be a woman in all its fullness. The artist focuses on the essence of her own feminine and shares her sensitive and empathetic gaze with all women.” – explica Sylvia Faillace.

The Atmosphere “Women and Goddesses” can be checked from tuesday to saturday, from 10:00 to 7:00 pm.
Address Rua Actor Paulo Gustavo, 65
Icaraí | Niterói | RJ

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