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Collective Exhibition “MIRRORS”

Mirrors are symbols of purity, truth and sincerity. In Eastern traditions, is a sign of wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment. intriguing objects, They have the power to attract to you the looks of them who crosses, time that reflect the actual content of the hearts of men and from the depths of your consciousness. They also reveal the apparent reality, Reflecting conversely everything that capture, calling our attention to the sustainability of forms. The other is a mirror. The friends, However, are mirrors faithful who will not let us forget our essence, who we are or who we become with our choices.

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The exhibition mirrors was created to celebrate these reflective friendships Luciane Valencia, artist and curator of the Sofitel Ipanema, which has among its guests participants his great friends Adriana Ninsk, Andy Zapata, Attila Toledo, Flavia Danvila, Herbert Zampier, Maria Maia and Philippe Seigle, all ready to celebrate the good friendships, their roots and their affections. The exhibition mirrors also includes in its program a deserved tribute to the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, destroyed by a terrible fire 2 September 2018.

Mirrors Collective Exhibition
Artists: Adriana Ninsk, Andy Zapata, Attila Toledo, Flavia Danvila, Herbert Zampier, Luciane Valença, Maria Maia and Philippe Seigle.
Curated By: Luciane Valença
Local: Sofitel Ipanema
Av. Vieira Souto, 460 - Ipanema / Rio de Janeiro
Visitation: 11 October to 7 November
Every day from 8 am to 20h
Free Entry

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