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Instituto Pró-Know Largo dos Leões 70, Constellate Exhibition. Photo: Disclosure.
Instituto Pró-Know Largo dos Leões 70, Constellate Exhibition. Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition "Constellate" inaugurates the party by 30 years of Pro-Know

Free programming will have displays of contemporary art,
shows, concerts and lectures

From 26 august to 3 September, the Pro-Knowing opens the gates to celebrate 30 years of education. Will be nine days of programming, with popular and classical music, lectures and, as the Centre Party, the exhibition "Constellate", that will occupy all spaces of the headquarters of the Pro-Know. Are 19 artists, they are among the most expressive names of contemporary brazilian art.

Curated by Marcelo Campos and Leila Scaf, the exhibition will reflect the spirit of the Pro-Know, in which art and Philosophy occupies a central role in the formation of teachers. "Constellate" – a verb coined – refers to the program that synthesizes a philosophy of action in which teachers, students, Alumni and professionals from other institutions working permanently in network, to form a constellation of ideas with potential for transformation. The proposal is that the exhibition extend this constellation through works of art gathered there.

At the entrance, a great Panel will draw a panorama of proactive actions to know over the past three decades. In it, the founder of the institution, Maria Cecilia Almeida e Silva, says the Pro-know is "a space, a territory back to the rescue of educational utopia. Our interest is to experience the theoretical and practical alternatives that could produce answers to many challenges on the path to education. "

The work will be distributed by the diverse environments of Pro-Know. Ana Miguel invites to dream, with pillows that say they love. Carolina Bridge showcases one of his multicolored crochets, that make up a popular practice for contemporary artistic production. Cadu brings a train of iron that goes on in an unusual landscape.

— Are visions, sensations and experiences in that 19 artists and endless stories occupy the House, in an invitation to enter, know and experience ", says Marcelo Campos.

The other guest artists are: Afonso Tostes, Anna Linnemann, Barrão, Brígida Baltar, Camille Mr. Kachani, Gê Lucia, Jarbas Lopes, José Bento, Maria Laet, Pedro Varela and, the Studio Gaia, Arlindo, Clovis, Leonardo Lobão, Luiz Marques, Patricia Ruth, and Pedro Motta.

From Monday to Friday, There will be lectures at night, at 7:00 pm. The schedule opens with journalist and writer Rosiska Darcy de Oliveira, in a lecture entitled "Pro-Know… What?”; on Tuesday, the writer and theologian Frei Betto will speak about "Education and spirituality"; Wednesday is the psychoanalyst Joel Birman; farm, "Cecília Meireles: poetry and education "will be the theme of Margaret Souza Neves. The philosopher Thomas Meadow close the week with the lecture "Dystopia and extraordinary places".

The song will also be present, with shows of groups "Cry of Glory" and "sons do Samba", a presentation of the singer and composer Billy Blanco Jr, and two concerts by orchestras formed by Social Action for music of Brazil. Throughout the week, There will be guided tours and activities for children and adults. A Cafe will function as a meeting point and fraternization.

See the full program:

On the Pro-Know:

The Pro-Know began in 1987, as a center of Studies and Psychology. In 2004, authorized by MINISTRY of EDUCATION to open the Institute of education, that way teachers working in kindergartens and public schools of early childhood education in low-income communities of Rio de Janeiro. Since 2004, There were formed 380 teachers, whose work has benefited and benefits, directly and indirectly, around 24 thousand people, among children, teachers and early childhood professionals in 133 nurseries 67 communities.

In addition to the Psychology Service and graduation of teachers in early childhood education, the Pro-Know offers courses of Lato Sensu graduate studies in educational psychology; and extension courses in the areas of Pedagogy, Art, Philosophy, Education and Psychoanalysis.

Following your proposal for continuing reflection, the Pro-Know promotes seminars in the form of Thought Labs for public and private education institutions, in order to broaden the debate on contemporary challenges of education.

Learn more about the Pro-know: www.prosaber.org.br

About the curators of "Constellate":

Marcelo Campos is a professor of art history at UERJ, where he directs the Cultural Department, responsible for the curatorship of exhibitions as "Orishas" (France-Brazil House)"and" the color of Brazil ", with Paulo Herkenhoff, at the Museu de Arte do Rio, and author of "contemporary sculpture in Brazil". Leila Scaf is architect, and was responsible for exhibitions as Debret and the Rio de Janeiro, at the Cultural Center of posts and Antônio Dias-the Country invented, MAM-RJ.

Instituto Pró-Know, Largo dos Leões 70
Phones: 2266-7440 and 2537-6778
Opening time: 10h to 20h
Free entrance
More info
Sandra Villela José: 99972-6666

Lucila Soares: 99159-8598


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