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Exhibition of usable works of art by Cristina Pinho and sculptures by Rodrigo Saramago

Cristina Pinho launches her “Mar e Ar” collection in an art night, fashion and gastronomy at Olimpo Restaurant. And since December is the month of celebration, we will celebrate no day 8 of december, on wednesday, the launch of your art exhibition Perfect wearables to complete the looks signed by the stylist Patrícia Mattos that will be demonstrated in a performance with six models for one day.

in the same mood, Rodrigo Saramago opens his exhibition “Equilibristas 2021” bringing more art to the Charitas Waterway Station.

O Chef Daniel Hollanda, for the date, creates a sculptural menu inspired by the art of Cristina and Rodrigo.


Homemade bread and toast, butter, pasta of the day and vegetable preserves


Goat Salada – Organic Leaf Mix, goat cheese, roasted pears, almonds and honey or Shrimp crunchy bundles – with leek fricasée and catupiry fonduta.


boyfriend in crust – Grilled boyfriend fillet finished with pistachio crust and battered potatoes, roasted onions and creamy shimeji sauce or medallion to the port – mignon medallion, Port wine sauce and mini ricotta ravioli with truffle scent.


Black Swan – chocolate profiterolis filled with cream sorbet and hot chocolate sauce or Pudim de "dulce de leche" – with caramel, fleur de sal and tuile of almonds and coffee.

“MAR and AR” Summer Collection 2022 by Cristina Pinho

The collection is inspired by nature once again. Cristina in the “Mar e Ar” collection uses the blue tones of gemstones as: marine waters, blue tourmalines, topázio london blue, blue apatites and sky blue topaz. The metal chosen for this collection in most pieces is silver, but also white and yellow gold, because after all, we are emphasizing the holidays and the end of the year celebrations. The designer also used black diamonds in this collection, to bring the perfect contrast.

“The collection is inspired by the principle of life: the sea. And in the air we breathe, sign of the new age to come. Let's celebrate with the softness of blue, my favorite color, To receive 2022!” comments Cristina Pinho.

Reinterpretation of the series Equilibristas – large formats by Rodrigo Saramago 2021

Rodrigo Saramago launches his new series Equilibristas 2021, now in large formats and in a new technique: mortar on metallic structure.

The concept of the pieces is the search for balance in every way, the figures support each other, in union of forces. the lightness, movement and fluidity are constant elements in the pieces. Rodrigo comments that in this new series he revisits this movement, as in life and art, he constantly seeks the balance.

Local: Olympus Restaurant – Address: Waterway Station of – Av. Quintino Bocaiuva, 2º floor – Charity, Niterói – RJ I Parking
Date: 8 of december, on wednesday
Time: 19h30
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