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Obra "A Natureza somos nós" - featured, Artist Fabrine Reis.
ArtWork "Nature is us" - featured, Artist Fabrine Reis.

Exhibition of Valorization and Attention to the Environment

Virtual Exhibition:

Curated By: CAW

The shapes of the flowers, traces of the colors and beauty of the Environment that enchants us for free and we are still not satisfied, maybe if he charges, we will value.

48 Artists from all over Brazil for the Preservation and Conservation of the Environment in the most diverse languages ​​and techniques, such as: photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, collage among others.

An appreciation of the natural good that we have and that needs attention.

Our month of September will be GREEN, so that everyone can rethink their actions and attitudes in Fauna, Flora and Animals.

You can enjoy and breathe Art of 48 Artists and their Beauties.

CAWCINE is a National Independent Film Festival and has 9 years, performed by CAW productions (@cawproducoes), which aims to encourage and encourage audiovisual works from all over Brazil that have themes of Environmental Preservation and Conservation, but with varied programming, in addition to strengthening productions made with the cell phone, enriching the national and Portuguese-speaking cinematographic creation, also encourages that productions can be more sustainable. In 2020 as a relief and breath of new times, rescuing all the breath lost during the time of social isolation with Art Exhibition, Online Film Screening, Workshops, Chat with Directors and Screenwriters and Film Screening at Drive-in Cinema.

Virtual Exhibition Forms of Beauty
From 02 – 07 on Sep
Local: Instagram @cawproducoes

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