Piratininga Lagoon inspires “Cantos & charms”

Elza Suzuki with canvas from the Cantos exhibition & Charms - Piratininga Lagoon. Photo: Disclosure / Macarena Lobos.

Artist Elza Suzuki presents diversity of flora and fauna of Niterói's lagoon system (RJ) in 40 telasineditas, at Sala de Cultura Leila Diniz The anniversary of 450 Niterói years (RJ) it will be in november, but one of the gifts arrives this March, com a exposição “Cantos & Enchantments – Piratininga Lagoon”. The artist … Read more

Painting workshop – Exhibition “Brazilian Fauna and Flora”

'Uirapurus - Rendeiras - Exits', lithograph of the Brazilian Fauna and Flora show, with birds cataloged by Emílio Goeldi.

AT THE EXHIBITION “FAUNA AND BRAZILIAN FLORA” HOLDS TWO MORE OIL PAINTING WORKSHOPS The great success of the oil painting on canvas workshop held on the last day 3 July, it took the Taubatean artist Márcio Carneiro and the direction of the exhibition “Brazilian Fauna and Flora” to promote two more workshops. these will be … Read more

Painting Workshop at the exhibition “Brazilian Fauna and Flora”

Painting Workshop at the exhibition "Brazilian Fauna and Flora", featured. Disclosure.

Márcio Carneiro, Taubate artist and teacher, minister this saturday, 3 July, from 16 to 20 hours, oil on canvas painting workshop, having as a model the Galo-de-campina. The workshop takes place at Via Vale Garden Shopping, in Taubaté, in the exhibition space “Brazilian Fauna and Flora”. The show's highlight is the … Read more

Exhibition of Valorization and Attention to the Environment

Obra "A Natureza somos nós" - featured, Artist Fabrine Reis.

Virtual Exhibition: FORMS OF BEAUTY Curation: CAW Flower shapes, traces of the colors and beauty of the Environment that enchants us for free and we are still not satisfied, maybe if he charges, we will value. 48 Artists from all over Brazil for the Preservation and Conservation of the Environment in the most diverse languages ​​and techniques, such as: … Read more

Free Course: “Symbology of flora and fauna” with Prof. Dr. Vanessa Beatriz Bortulucce

The Museum of sacred art promotes, the Free Course: “Symbology of flora and fauna” with Prof. Dr. Vanessa Beatriz Bortulucce. Man's relationship with nature is very old and takes place in various ways; one of them was the creation of a symbolism of natural, where plants, flowers, Trees, frutos e animais assumiram significados para além deRead more