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Photography Joaquim Paiva. Disclosure.

Joaquim Paiva celebrates 20 years of the Workshop Image

Image workshop 20 years
Inaugurating the exhibition
"Hotel room" - 75 Photo Joaquim Paiva
Opening Day 5 April 2019, 19 hours
Free Entry

Since its founding, in 1999, the Workshop of Image has been consolidated as one of the main Brazilian references in teaching, production and thinking about photography and contemporary image.

Commemorating the date, We will present the exhibition of one of the most important Brazilian photographers, Joaquim Paiva, featuring the series "Hotel room".

Hotel room"Arose from the idea of ​​showing a wide range of photographs that the artist selection has been doing over time, in his many travels in Brazil and the world. The show consists of 75 color photographs and some in black and white, most of them carried out between 2000 and 2010 and they are arranged in two series of five images mainly.

Why hotel rooms? According to Joaquim Paiva, "The pleasure of being away from their" home ", loose, precarious, passing. In a hotel, it seems that we feel freer, even if the work, outside the home, in another city. the roots, far, They are at home – the refuge "permanent". For this reason the hotel is usually a curious place, discovery, shelter, rest, intimacy, routine trail, always temporary. how many dreams, professional decisions, pleasures and uncertainties we live in a hotel room? ¨. For the artist, this exhibition has a character more of feeling than of realism and documentation.

About the Artist

Joaquim Paiva (Rio de Janeiro, 1946), He made his last shows 2016 na European House of Photography, Paris. It has photographs, as author, in the collection of MEP, but also in the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston USA and MAM-Rio, among others. recently published the photography books"Farce Trick Illusions", "Elson is 70" and "Picture in Time-Remembrance Brasilia ", this in Mexico City. He published the artist book "128 daily", that is in the collection of Stanford University USA and the National Library in Rio de Janeiro. Paiva makes his autobiographical and visual daily from 1998. Besides his work as a photographer, he is recognized as one of the greatest art collectors.

Exhibition "Hotel Rooms", 75 works of Joaquim Paiva
Opening Day 05 April / until 01 of June.
Visitation: Mon-Fri 10h to 21h, Sat 10am to 16h
Free entry
Atelier Gallery Image Cultural Center (of. Pasteur, 453
(Urca / Rio de Janeiro)

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