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Julia Gonzales. Photo: Marisa Mendonça.
Julia Gonzales. Photo: Marisa Mendonça.

Ceramic art show features works by 13 Brasilia potters

To celebrate a millenary art that crosses the centuries and reaches the contemporary, incorporating design to tradition, here comes the first edition of:

Ceramic Cobogó

Where Brasilia artists present their works in high temperature ceramics produced using different techniques

It is unanimous among ceramists that they produce ceramic objects it's an act of affection, be they utilitarian, decorative or sculptural. Reach the completion of a single piece – requires the artist – knowledge, dedication, lots of practice and days of waiting.

Gather artists, who are dedicated to this artistic expression and present their secrets to the public, is the proposal of the first Ceramic Cobogó to occur day 14 August (Saturday), from 10 am to 8 pm at 704/705 North. All works, pieces and exposed objects will be for sale.

Just observe and touch handcrafted pottery, does not reveal the processes it goes through. Are delicate moments of modeling, controlled drying, finishing, enamelling and two slow burns to have the piece ready.

The execution of an object can be done using different modeling techniques, as a pinch, plate, accordion, hollowing and electric or manual lathe. The raw material, the clay, is found in a rich variety of tones and textures..

The enamel or glaze (a silica compound, flux and stabilizer), gains matte or shiny colors and tones with the addition of different metallic oxides such as iron, magnesium or zinc. Mix that results in an infinite possibility of colors. For the application [of nail polish], the artist uses bathing techniques, immersion, bubbles, spray, sgraffito or dry rope.

Regarding the burnings, which are two (biscuit, that goes to 1100º C and transforms the clay into ceramics, and enamel, that can reach 1300 ºC, when the enamel forms a glassy layer on the walls of the piece), they can be made in gas ovens, firewood or electric.

The application of techniques with a choice among the many options of materials available combined with the artist's creativity and skill results in unique pieces, that are not repeated and, therefore, exclusive.

What is true to say is that a high temperature ceramic piece carries in its pores the harmony between the four elements – ground, water, air and fire, while on the surface, the fingerprints of the artist who created it. Yet, by its characteristics, are an expression of the concepts of sustainability.

13 brasilienses ceramists participate in the meeting, it's them and they: Ana Flavia (@anamaisflavia); Cris Martin (@crismartim.ceramista); Debora Amorim (@ amor_im.ceramica); Flavia pinto (@flaspinto); Isabel Se Oh (@ isabelseoh.ceramica); Julia Gonzales (@eujuliagonzales); Julia Jabur | (@juliajaburatelie); Luciana Cosati (@luciana_cosati_); Mariana franco (@fluidesaceramicas); Marina Master (@ceramicamica); Pedro Bento (@bento_arts); Rodrigo Machado (@sbarroceramic); and Sara Rosa (@ceramicalunar)

What the potters say:

Working with ceramics took me on paths I didn't expect. It brought me tranquility and calm. Production processes require knowing how to deal with time and understanding the importance of each step, everything requires attention and great care, which, in my opinion, translates into affection and dedication. When I'm producing, I feel present, I enjoy almost meditative moments and disconnect from everything else. Rodrigo Machado, @sbarroceramic


pottery feeds my soul. soothes and warms up. Connect and disconnect. I am transported to a world of emotions, no turning back. Mariana franco, @fluidesaceramicas


Ceramics is an art that brought a lot of meaning to my life. Amor_im is the expression of the love I carry inside. Debora Amorim, @ amor_im.ceramica


It's still difficult to put into words everything that ceramics means and brought to my life. She is our great teacher teaching us daily to be more patient, calmos, humble, continued!, collaborative, but mostly happy. Flávia Pinto, @flaspinto


Working with ceramics goes far beyond a hobby and is not just a profession, it's a never-ending study and a passion that satisfies all my creative impulses. Julia Jabur |, @juliajaburatelie


I am a dentist by training and ceramics allowed me to work more fluidly, that's why I love the more organic shapes that free me from the need to worry about reproducing exact sizes and shapes. Luciana Cosati, @luciana_cosati_


Ceramics are the memory of the entire creation process. Every step, every mistake and every hit is remembered in its final process.. And this is generosity: to be able to turn clay into art and, visually, remember each step. Cris Martin, @crismartim.ceramista


I found in clay, with curious hands, meeting place with myself and the world. charm and power. The person who plays with clay, is actually, molding itself. Marina Master, @ceramicamica


The plasticity of clay allows me to bring ideas to the world that until then were only in my head, and that's what enchanted me. Experimenting with clay and testing its possibilities is amazing.. in the studio, I like the different stages that permeate the craft.: knead and knead, to model, sculpt, enamel, and, finally, burn. I love to see my pieces being part of the lives and daily lives of other people. Sara Rosa, @ceramicalunar

1º Cobogó of Ceramics
Local: Cobogó Market at SCLRN 704/705 North
Day: 14 August 2021
Time: From 10 am to 8 pm
Entrance: Free entry
Parental guidance: Free to all audiences
Information: @marketcobogo, no Instagram

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