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DIAS DE RECLUSÃO PROJECT - Collection of Arts and Anthology of the “Dias de Reclusão” Project, Flyer. Disclosure.
DIAS DE RECLUSÃO PROJECT - Collection of Arts and Anthology of the “Dias de Reclusão” Project, Flyer. Disclosure.

PROJECT DAYS OF RECLUSION – Collection of Arts and Anthology of the “Days of Solitude” Project by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

Time is unspeakable. Say,
What is the direction of the calendar?
The leaves fall and the tree remains,
Against the uncertain and various wind.
Life is indivisible. Same
The one thought to be most dispersed
And it belongs to an eternal dialogue
The most inconsequential conversation.
All poems are the same poem,
All drunks are the same drunk,
It is not at once that one dies…
All hours are extreme hours!
(QUINTANA, 2007, p.49)

It may be that uncertainty covered the first few months of 2020; thoughts traveled in imprecise ways; the fears were astonishing; and insecurity remains constant. If the paths were full of vicissitudes for many, for others it was the moment to reach out to assist the less fortunate. The help that came from afar came through the hands of Poetry and Art, through creative thinking about the troubled period. The judgments of poets and artists were left on display on the target paper or on the blank canvas, in a record that will be part of a beautiful story to tell.

The hands that joined in the Days of Solitude Project came from afar in the form of Visual Arts and Literary Texts, in multiple languages, of writers and artists from around the world, with the intention of shedding income for families and institutions that need resources.

Day 16 August was the official launch date of the e-book which consists of an anthology with 118 texts, between Poetry and Chronicles, in different languages, from 105 Authors, from 14 countries, from 4 Continents. The book is hosted on a digital platform, with easy access to promote this Solidarity Action and can be purchased through the link. On 23 de Agosto will be the official launch of the Collection of works, which has images of 228 visual arts works, with different techniques and supports from artists from different countries of the world.

From the sale of the digital publication of both, 70 % will revert to families in socially vulnerable situations, through three institutions that will receive this resource to carry out such actions: the Pastos Verdes Institution in Mozambique, in Africa, who will receive 30%; o Instituto Janeraka, for the preservation of the indigenous culture of the AWAETE ASSURINI ethnic group of the Xingu, who will also receive 30%; and the Instituto Bem Bem Para Para, Vila Velha, ES, Brasil, who will receive 10%.

The objective of the project was to create an artistic and collective inventory of the pandemic period. Conceived and coordinated by visual artist and curator Maria Vieira de Souza, resident in Sorocaba, SP, the initiative mobilized artists from five continents and counted on the collaboration of the brazilian Edimara Condé Arouca, living in Germany; Ruben Zacarias, from Mozambique; Laís Kaori and Go Governor, of Japan, who voluntarily acted as “continental leaders”, inviting people and pre-selecting jobs. Other volunteers joined the project during the disclosure period, to receive the works, or because they are interested in the project, as Rejane Melo from Manaus; Marisa pedrosa, Portugal; Denise da Cruz of Liechtenstein; and Angela Cardoso from Belgium.

They also collaborated with the project, that you may have in the future, print edition, Janete Manacá and Ana Maria Reis with the disclosure; Andre Franco, Flávia Volpi, Matheus Lobo, with the translation of documents in English; Elsa viviana (Colombia) and Ivana Boero (Argentina), with the Spanish translation; Carla Fernandes from Portugal, with the French translation; Edimara, with the German translation; Kelvin Cluxnei, with digital programming; Gilda Sabas with the correction; and Rosângela Vig, with the final review. The artist Ruben Zacarias came to travel long distances, in the search for each talent, allowing everyone to have the opportunity to be in the book. The anthology had a preface by the writer, journalist and digital artist Ale Abdo who helped publicize the project. The collection was curated and written by art critic and curator Oscar D’Ambrósio, with his painstaking work that allowed to establish a line of thought about artists and their works. Isabele Nardo's inspiration led to the perfect montage, e-book design and layout. The renowned muralist and professor of design at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Andruchak Marcos directed and finished the artwork. From the artist's hands came inspiration for the cover, full of meanings linked to inclusion and a better world, greater purpose of this work done with so many hands and so great.

The collection will be sold for R $ 80.00 and the anthology for R $ 40.00 and, when purchasing, the e-book will be forwarded to the e-mail.

Link to the Anthology and Collection E-Book:


Contact Maria Vieira (015) – 99704 0361


QUINTANA, Mário. Quintana de Pocket. Porto Alegre: L&PM Pocket, 2007.

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