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Room Leila Diniz presents 'Universes Poetic'

Exhibition addresses the lyric poetry through music and paintings

Between 1 and 28 August, Culture Room Leila Diniz receive the Universes Poetic exposure, the artist Everaldo Rocha. The purpose of the show is to make the audience dive into poetry through painting. In addition to the canvas, the exhibition will be attended by poets and musicians who will make presentations in Annex space of State Official Press of Rio de Janeiro. Admission is free.

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To compose his works, Everaldo chose 12 poetry book "Universes Poetic Anthology", project held in São Paulo that united hundred poets from different states of the country. "My work has always been linked to artistic events. My intention was not to illustrate the poems, but use paint to express my excitement when touched by the verses ", explains the artist.

With the perspective that the exhibition is taken to other states, Everaldo classifies his work as figurative, symbolist, Expressionist. "Symbols stir the psyche. My expectation is that people reflect on their lives ", philosophizes painter.

Date: 01 to 28 August
Time: das 10h às 17h
Address: Culture room Leila Diniz, at Rua Professor Heitor Carrilho, 81 – Center, Niterói
Free entry.



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