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"ABSTRACT ART" by Edmundo Cavalcanti

In order to show the unique inspiration of abstraction, o Central Plaza Shopping (Avenida Dr. Francisco Mesquita, 1.000), in São Paulo, assembled frames 17 Abstract artists in the exhibition. The works can be seen until day 31 from ...

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Adriana Ferreira - "Feelings and sensations in the shapes and colors" by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Returning the stories about artists, I was pleased to discover, through my social networks, a talented artist in Baron city of Groves / MG, hitherto unknown. When I saw the photos of his works, I was delighted and very happy ...

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Abstract workshop: A watercolor on canvas in the BUT-SP. Photo: Disclosure.

Abstract workshop: A watercolor on canvas in the BUT-SP

In this course the student will be given many opportunities for free expression of your colors and shapes on the screen. This technique is used in both figurative and abstract, because the effect is as in watercolor, in which the main ...

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Zokatos – Lyrical Abstraction na MyCineMag

MyCineMag has the honour and the joy of being able to disseminate the work of the artist Zokatos. Abstract art-Parisian Artist Lyric, chose art as a way of life a little by chance. It was through encounters throughout your youth, in particular ...

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The Abstract Art by Rita Caruzzo and Edmundo Cavalcanti

Talking informally with an artist friend, Rita Caruzzo, about the Abstract Art, that I like a lot, I asked her to send me a text about the subject, so that could share with friends that are accompanying the website, its meaning. See ...

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Abstract Art

Abstract Art What is Abstract Art? The Abstract Art or Abstractionism is an artistic expression for artworks that do not duplicate or imitate natural forms, but that may be born from them, because the objective abstractionist artist ...

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