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Kéren Viegas – “Art points to the Artist”

Please, tell us a little about yourself… My name is Kéren Viegas I was born in Pelotas / RS. I majored in visual arts, pedagogy and I did a postgraduate degree in special education and psychopedagogy. When your desire to be an artist awakened? woke me up ...

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Artwork by Emma Tumanyan, featured.

Emma Tumanyan – “The Light in the Darkness”

Emma, tell us a little about yourself… I am Emma Tumanyan, I was born in 1993 in Yerevan, capital of Armenia. I graduated from the School of Fine Arts. I started painting very early. I am an artist by profession. When your desire to be ...

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Work "Illustrations PMC Rio de Fevereiro Watercolor, Coffee" by Veruska Bahiense, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Veruska Bahiense – “Cultivating Life”

Veruska, tell us a little about yourself… My name is Veruska Bahiense, born in Niterói, RJ. work as an illustrator, Design floral, and photographer. I studied Interior Decoration Technician and I just graduated in Bachelor of Arts at UFF. the illustration ...

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Artwork by Jaqueline Benevento, featured.

Jaqueline Benevento - “happy”

Jaqueline, tell us a little about yourself… Born in Niterói, in 27.10.1964, art teacher with a degree in fine arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo, I love to enjoy a good rock. When your desire to be an artist awakened ...

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Retrospective 2021 Juliana Vannucchi

“Interview with Marie-Louise Plum”, by: Juliana Vannucchi “TALES FOR BROKEN HEARTS AND MELANCHOLIC SOULS: “, by Juliana Vannucchi Thank you!! .

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Retrospective 2021 Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig in 2021: PROJECT DAYS OF RECLUSION, by Rosângela Vig Art goes where the People are!, by Rosângela Vig FRIDA KAHLO MUSEUM, by Rosângela Vig Exhibition by Franco Belli at Brazil Gallery – Art Gallery, by Rosângela ...

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Sonia Madruga on the right at the Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Artist Sonia Madruga enters the Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts and in series “Passport to Freedom”

Famous for painting images of Our Lady, the artist from Rio de Janeiro Sonia Madruga placed a work in the scenarios of the miniseries “Passaporte para a Liberdade”, on TV Globo. The production addresses the courage and daring of Aracy de Carvalho, ...

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Work "The Coffee Ritual", 2021 by Marídea Soares, featured.

Marídea Soares – “Art lets out traces that mirrors don't reflect”

Husband, tell us about yourself… My name is Marídea Soares, Marino, born in Rio de Janeiro in 1976. Art in all its aspects has always enchanted me, especially the photography, the painting and the dance. The taste for visiting museums ...

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Work by Tássia Reis.

Tássia Reis - “The female expression in its fullness”

tassia, tell us a little about yourself.. My name is Tássia Reis, I was born in 1990 in the city of Lagarto, in the state of Sergipe. I grew up in a rural area and always loved being in the “middle of the bush”, and even today I have this need ...

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Title of the Work: the parable of the sower. Year: 2020. Dimensions: 65x55 cm. Technique: Mixed. Acrylic paint painting. Plastic Artist Dayana Trindade. Local: Cuiabá/MT.

Dayana Trindade – “Artistic Relevance. Art as a communication link between the artist, society and nature"

Wait, tell us a little about yourself… I was born in March 1983, in the city of Campo Grande in Mato Grosso do Sul. I studied nursing at a public university there and moved to Niterói to specialize in ...

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