Jaqueline Benevento - “happy”

Tony Franco é Administrador de Empresas.
Tony Franco is a Business Administrator.

Jaqueline, tell us a little about yourself ...

Born in Niterói, in 27.10.1964, art teacher with a degree in fine arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo, I love to enjoy a good rock.

When she awoke her desire to be an artist?


I've had this look since I was a child.. Because my grandfather and uncle were visual artists. And enjoying what they did encouraged me to do the same..

What kind of art do you like best?

Painting. Although I have some sculptures.

Jaqueline Benevento é Artista Plástica.
Jaqueline Benevento is a Plastic Artist.

How he developed his style (techniques)?

In college and over time I improved until today.

Cite if you had artistic influences in your works and which artists?

I had it from Nadir Afonso because of a postgraduate course I attended in Portugal.

Do you have a family member or acquaintance who is an artist?

yes my uncle. Antonio Sergio Benevento.

Living from art is possible?

difficult but possible.

Ever thought about not acting with more art? can comment why?

Not, I always think about acting.

What skills are needed today for the artist?

Inspiration. Knowledge. pleasure in doing.

How do you feel when you appreciate a work of art??

a fruitfulness.

Your inspirations to create a work of art?

sometimes an image. or a sentence. or a melody. when the heart beats.

Which art has impressed you the most so far?

I love one from Velasquez. That he paints the king and queen and the court is on his side.

You must always be creating or creating only at certain times?

I'm always creating but I paint sometimes.



The product of your work is unique or has a close or distant relationship to your previous work?

they are completing.

What are the challenges of art / artist in the current scenario?

To sell.

Social networks have helped you to spread your work?


How plastic arts can contribute to education and culture?

Fruition contributes to broadening inner horizons.

How you analyze the qualities of a work of art?

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What are the criteria for stipulating the value of a work of art?

Very difficult. The ones that are most on display in my case are valuing.

Talk about your projects today ...

participate in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

What's your advice for those just starting out?

Insist. Do not give up.

If you want to leave a message ...

The art transform. rescue, takes you out of the common place.

About your exhibitions, have any comments regarding, feelings…

Each one fills me, renews me, excites me.

Could you comment on some artistic curiosity?

I was on the plane and a passenger recognized me because of a newspaper I left.

How would you define your art in one line?


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Instagram: Jakbenevento


* Thanks to Buana Lima, advisor to the plastic artist, for all the pertinent information the interview.



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