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Carlos Valencia Rhapsodies exposure

Curated by Luciane Valencia Carlos Valencia plasticizes in his work all that the heart looks, feel or view, developing the great realism, with the field of brushes and through exemplary execution, where predominates a personal figuration, ...

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Review of the exhibition by Paulo Roberto OUTOPOS Cecchetti

Blood brothers. Bleed and screen role in bold colors. Founded the Atelier Valença & Arts that are in six years the deep diving in the plastic arts, Although parallel worlds. Links. She with her watercolors; it with their graffiti. ...

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Culture Room Leila Diniz brings exhibition on utopia

The artists Carlos Valencia and Luciane Valencia invite us for a swim between parallel worlds Utopia is the ideal civilization idea, fantastic and imaginary. A system or plan that appears unrealizable, a costume, a daydream, an illusion, ...

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