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Book “Tokio 2020” by Ane Forcato. Disclosure.

Fiction book narrates romance during the Olympic Games in 2020 without the presence of COVID-19

Written in 2019, book stands out when narrating a novel set in the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo without the new Coronavirus pandemic With the COVID-19 pandemic, many events that would be held in 2020 foram cancelados ou adiados ...

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I Bittencourt. Photo: Disclosure.

COVID-19: With the increase in suicide cases, illustrator launches book against depression

With the increase in suicide deaths among young people 15 to 29 years, Io Bittencourt's book brings short phrases and illustrations to help depressed people The numbers of suicide deaths are constantly increasing in the world, e apesar dessa ...

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Belmiro de Almeida - Black young woman figure, the 1880. Photo: Daniela Paoliello.

Museum of Art of Rio - MAR launches program of Escola do Olhar Online

Proposal is to present to the public a new form of mediation in the virtual environment, with accessibility features, and revisit educational and training activities prioritizing dialogue More than 100 days since the Art Museum ...

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National Exhibition of Arts on paper Moinho Brasil 35 years, invitation. Disclosure.

National Exhibition of Paper Mill Arts Brazil 35 years by Rosângela Vig

There are millions of affectionate stars in space, Within reach of your eyes… but conjectures Those you don't see, igneous and unknown roses, Visiting at the furthest height. (BILAC, 1997, p.84) Art is made a tireless star, who ...

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Photo: Business photo created by rawpixel.com - br.freepik.com

How to decorate your office and make your home office more productive

The public and economic health crisis triggered by the new coronavirus, the Covid-19, demanded compliance with social isolation measures, according to WHO recommendations (World Health Organization). With this, many people had to decorate office, rooms and others ...

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Whoever left is someone's love, 4º Act. Photo: Ichiro Guerra.

Vigilance of cultural workers keeps spreading love

Day 29 of June, from 16h, in the Praça dos Três Poderes, performance will celebrate the Force of Love Since June 1st, every Monday evening, art, a natureza e a arquitetura de ...

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33 Yellow flight - Flight Plan Exhibition, by Bebeto Alves and Antônio Augusto Bueno.

Flight plan - a virtual exhibition

“It is a kind of artistic flight simulator production” (curator José Francisco Alves) Flight plan is the new work done in partnership, four hands, by Antônio Augusto Bueno and Bebeto Alves. A job that – due to the care that ...

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Fernanda Keller, Ambassador, featured. Photo: Sergio Melo.

Fernanda Keller, Ironman Brasil's five-time champion, do tomorrow, farm, day 25 of June, Live “Overcoming challenges”

Through a project of several Estácio campuses, the triathlete will talk about how to face the challenges of today, from its successful trajectory in sport Rio de Janeiro – June 2020 – Com tantas mudanças ...

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‘WHO'S PARTY IS SOMEONE'S LOVE’ - 4th Performance, featured. Disclosure.

‘WHO'S LEAVE IS SOMEONE'S LOVE’ – 4ª Performance

4ª Performance / Silent Vigil of cultural workers will pay tribute to indigenous peoples Act will take place at the National Theater, from 5:30 pm From the 1st of June, todas as segundas-feiras do mês têm se caracterizado por performances ao ...

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Brasil / Portugal. Photo: Reproduction / MF Global Press.

Portugal is an example in the pandemic of the new coronavirus and is now in high preference among those who wish to leave Brazil

Portugal has been an example in combating the pandemic compared to the rest of the world. Com a pandemia do novo coronavírus praticamente sob controle e vivendo um plano de desconfinamento enquanto países como Estados Unidos e Brasil se tornaram o ...

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