to win crisis, audiovisual sector transforms and invests in technology

Prime Art. Photo: Disclosure.

migrate online, investing in technology and corporate communication were some of the solutions found by the producers In a time of great digital transformation, the audiovisual sector has become one of the main tools for the effective communication of people and organizations, as it is directly linked to the way in which society creates and consumes … Read more

With pandemic, audiovisual company finds new forms of production in the remote direction

Photo: Prime Art Reproduction / Disclosure.

A series of productions were completely filmed by local teams in different areas of Brazil as a production, direction, edição e finalização ocorriam em outro ponto Normalmente, making an audiovisual production presents a series of obstacles, because it needs a whole group of creation and coordination to lead the project in the best possible way. With the … Read more

Animation and Transmedia: producer Cao Quintas points out two promising directions for Brazilian audiovisual

Cao Quintas. Photo: Disclosure.

Cao Quintas produced Turma da Mônica (Ties) and Adoniram, My name is João Rubinato Rio de Janeiro - September 2020 – The current moment of turbulence and uncertainties that the Brazilian audiovisual market is going through is putting pressure on artists and producers to assess the conjuncture and to bet on trends that ensure the recovery of the sector. Animation projects and production … Read more

Project "Short Video of Short Budget", by Rosângela Vig

Projeto "Curta-vídeo com verba curta". Disclosure.

Notice of Public Notice via Public Notices and Related: The “Short-video with short budget” project is an announcement to encourage audiovisual production in the city of Petrolina, intended for artists of the audiovisual languages, Visual Arts, Performing Arts (Dance, Theater and Circus), Music and Literature residing on the outskirts of Petrolina / PE. Unpublished proposals will be selected to create … Read more

Estácio's live with director André Warwar will address the future of audiovisual creation in an unprecedented experiment

André Warwar, featured. Photo: Rodrigo Xavier.

The year of 2020 it will certainly be marked in the history of mankind as the “pandemic that stopped the planet”. However, artists, communicators and thinkers around the world do not deliver the points and research new and unusual processes of recreation and dissemination of dramaturgical audiovisual content, combining artistic experimentation with digital technology, circumventing the barriers imposed by … Read more

Shows AVXLab discusses experimental audiovisual and video art with immersive works at the Cultural Center of São Paulo (CCSP)

AVXLab-art of Caio Fazolin. Disclosure.

Between 9 and 11 of June, public will be able to see the result of the residency of five artists with works that explore multiple languages, in addition to performances and seminar São Paulo – June 2017 – Para apresentar novas pesquisas de linguagem e discutir perspectivas do chamado audiovisual expandido, o Centro Cultural de São Paulo recebe a primeira MostraRead more

Free master class teaches basic techniques of audiovisual production with use of mobile

Music and video are increasingly coming. Thinking about it, the project Villa-Lobos and children gives further to your special programming master classes on the day 27 de Mayo (Saturday), in the Imperial Palace. With the theme "my first music video", the free event will be led by Aline producer Tyler, que ensina técnicas básicasRead more

IS TODAY! Raymond Rodriguez receives award for his performance of Audiovisual

The visual artist Raymond Rodriguez will be honored next Saturday (28/11) in the fourth edition of Iguacine – Film Festival in the city of Nova Iguaçu. Each edition of the festival, are honored people, productions and initiatives dedicated to the different parts of the production chain and audiovisual creative in the marshland and River. Essas homenagensRead more

Art and Technology Visualismo City promotes in September festival with projection of 26 outdoor audiovisual works in Rio de Janeiro

Art and Technology Visualismo City promotes in September festival with projection of 26 outdoor audiovisual works in Rio de Janeiro Regina Silveira, Vik Muniz, United VJs and more 15 artistas de todo o país participam de festival na Praça Mauá, days 11 and 12 September. M. Park (6) and Brazil's Central … Read more