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Kitchen: see which flooring is best for the environment. Photo: Kitchen sink photo created by wirestock - br.freepik.com.

Kitchen: see which flooring is best for the environment

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home., because in addition to being a space full of love and affection, ainda é o lugar onde as melhores refeições do lar são preparadas por alguém especial e com um ...

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How to develop the ideal kitchen project?. Photo: Interior design photo created by freepik - br.freepik.com.

How to develop the ideal kitchen project?

The ideal kitchen exists and we can taste it! have a beautiful kitchen, cozy and that at the same time meets all the needs that each person has in the house is a difficult and challenging task, but it's not even a little ...

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What are the essential elements for a sophisticated kitchen?. Photo: MART PRODUCTION no Pexels.

What are the essential elements for a sophisticated kitchen?

Having a sophisticated kitchen in your home can be the dream of many people who are in the process of looking for a new property to live in., or else that are undergoing a number of renovations, looking to give a ...

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Tips for choosing the best type of tile for your kitchen. Photo: Home photo created by wirestock - br.freepik.com.

Tips for choosing the best type of tile for your kitchen

The decoration of an environment depends on a set of techniques, objects and styles, so that the decoration chosen for a room can stand out or adapt to the general style adopted in the decoration of the place, with the ...

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Photo: Max Vakhtbovych no Pexels.

Tips to decorate your small kitchen and make better use of space

Decorating your small kitchen can be a challenge, especially if the intention is to make good use of the space. But this is not impossible, and, functional furniture, planned or made-to-measure are good options for smaller environments. However, there are other factors ...

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Photo: Max Vakhtbovych no Pexels.

How to decorate a kitchen while spending little?

Many times, when we receive visitors at our home, it's normal for us to spend a lot of time in the living room or kitchen, for that, we have to have very well decorated environments. Today, we'll see how to decorate a kitchen by spending ...

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pasta with sausage. Photo: Personal collection / Chef Flávio Duarte.

On vacation: Chef teaches fun recipe to take kids to the kitchen

With more than four years of experience with cooking courses for children, chef Flávio Duarte teaches a macaroni and sausage recipe to win the attention and taste of the kids, which is not lacking in ...

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Madeira photo created by kjpargeter - br.freepik.com

How to decorate a small kitchen

Whoever buys a house or apartment needs to choose the furniture that will compose each of the rooms, thinking of making them nice and complete. In this process, one of the priorities should be decorating kitchen, ensuring she has everything she is ...

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"How to improve your gourmet balcony!"Jessica Theodoro

Learn everything to improve their gourmet balcony! With our changing habits, the gourmet balcony is a preferred owner place to welcome friends and family and became important and operative, time to think about buying ...

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“Reflection of our habits in the kitchen and balcony” by Jessica Tan

With the passage of time, our habits have changed and this reflected in our house and apartments. In the 80, the apartments were bigger rooms and bathrooms employed. Nowadays, this room there is practically no more and ...

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