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naican escobar. Photo: Disclosure.

Naican Escobar uses art to talk about depression and its consequences

Working in different segments of the art, the artist proposes to bring messages and reflections about the disease to young adults For many people, Youth is a period of life composed of several crises and intense questions that can ...

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Cultural Collective of Independent Artists CAW. Photo: Disclosure.

Paraisópolis Artists Collective promotes cultural exchange

The Cultural Collective of Independent Artists CAW, since 2005 promotes the local culture of the Paraisópolis / SP slum where the Coletivo founders are. They take the slum everywhere, a job with many challenges and with a lot of quality. In addition to ...

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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: Jennifer Silva.

Anxiety can be beneficial if it is controlled, states psychoanalyst

Fabiano de Abreu, who is a psychoanalyst, neuroscientist and philosopher, explains that anxiety is a defense mechanism of the brain against possible threats, the problem would be the lack of control of this emotion Not living in the present for fear of what is supposed to be ...

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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

September Yellow: “Amid the pandemic, never has this suicide prevention campaign become so necessary,”Says health professional

Neuroscientist and psychoanalyst Fabiano de Abreu gives tips for patients with depression. We are in ‘Yellow September’, and never in history has this theme become more relevant than in the pandemic moment we are experiencing. The campaign started in 2015 no ...

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I Bittencourt. Photo: Disclosure.

COVID-19: With the increase in suicide cases, illustrator launches book against depression

With the increase in suicide deaths among young people 15 to 29 years, Io Bittencourt's book brings short phrases and illustrations to help depressed people The numbers of suicide deaths are constantly increasing in the world, e apesar dessa ...

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Philosopher brings ten tips to overcome loneliness and depression

The philosopher and writer Abreu Fabiano brings ten advice to overcome moments of loneliness and depression and have a fuller life Although we are increasingly connected, technological and tuned, we as a society increasingly individualistic, ...

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