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Be Gentle Interview, Angelica, Toquinho and Bráulio Bessa. Disclosure.

Is today! World Kindness Day is celebrated with the engagement of companies and artists like Toquinho, Bráulio Bessa e Angélica

“Being kind” movement fosters positive attitudes in society Celebrated annually on the day 13 November, World Kindness Day came about with the intention of inspiring people to create a kinder world. This year, the date gets a Movement ...

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How to assemble a decoration for corporate event?. Photo: Vox - Projects, settings and locations on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND.

How to assemble a decoration for corporate event?

Thinking about decorating for an event can be more complicated than you think, especially when we talk about corporate events. Companies usually organize these events for several reasons, as the end of the year, organization anniversary, lectures etc. Regardless of which ...

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Ariane Marta. Photo: Disclosure.

E-commerce may grow even more after the pandemic

*Ariane Marta With the pandemic scenario that we are experiencing in the last months, companies and sectors that are associated with technology have gained even more strength and consumer confidence. An example of this, is the e-commerce market that was already coming ...

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coronavirus: the importance of internal communication in companies

*André Franco With the declaration of the World Health Organization (OMS) of the new coronavirus pandemic, many companies had to ‘think outside the box’ and release their employees to the home office. But not all had the structure for that, the ...

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Myths X Truths about gamification in companies

The gamification has become very common in corporations seeking a more humane climate and a way to engage employees; especialista pontua os principais mitos e verdades sobre o tema São Paulo, February 2020 – The companies, currently, ...

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Dr. Vinicius Alves explains what the main changes in the Rouanet Law and how it affects society and companies

There are many questions with regard to changes in the Rouanet Law. The Doctor. Vinicius Alves, lawyer specializing in business law, It addresses the main points of law to clarify the population, as well as artists and companies, which should ...

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