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Gallery Workshop presents Dos Marigo / Photographs

Opens the exhibition From Marigo – photos from Claudio Marigo (1950-2014) and his son Victor Marigo (1984 -) Opening 24 August, 19h Free admission The Image Workshop Gallery opens on 24 August, at 19h, ...

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Exhibition “the house is when we back” Ana Costa Ribeiro in Gallery Workshop

Gallery Workshop Opens sixth, day 2 February 2018, às19h “the house is when we back” Artist Exhibition Ana Costa Ribeiro On display until 7 April 2018 Open to the public Opening the year ...

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The Studio Gallery Opens Port

between the spirits and the fish exhibition of photographs of Valda Walnut Day 10 November, 19(h) open to the public gallery of the Workshop ends the year 2017 showing the Port display, with 17 photographs of the artist Valda Nogueira ...

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Demian Jacob, Exhibition Daydreams. Disclosure.

The Studio Gallery is inaugurating day 1 September 2017 Reveries-exhibition of photos and the photographer's studies Demian Jacob

Opening at 7:00 pm with free admission. The exhibition Daydreams, set of 20 images, between pictures and studies, Jacob will be inaugurated Demian on the day 1 September, at 19h, Studio Gallery. Award-winning Studio Expo 2017, Devaneios ...

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Ateliê Espaço Cultural image and Studio Gallery inaugurate "Devastation". Photo: Disclosure.

“Devastation” Opens Studio Gallery

The Studio Gallery announces the opening of the exhibition "Devastation", on 23 of June, Friday, from 19 hours, with photos of artist Paula Huven mining. The Series, composed of 13 photographs 100 cm x 100 cm, 20 contacts ...

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Atelier Gallery opens mixed state day 7/4

Atelier Gallery Opens mixed state Andréa Bernardelli Curated Photographs: Eder Chiodetto Inauguração dia 7 April, 19h Entrada franca Como dar conta de todas as imagens que nos habitam e que habitamos? Como entender a dimensão interior e ...

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Atelier Gallery opens Secret architecture

Exhibition 24 pictures of Monica Barki – Curator Frederick Dalton Opening day 10 February 2017, às 19h Entrada franca O secreto está aqui. Supposedly revealed. Por que não admitir que a arquitetura mencionada no título desta exposição ...

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Photo Gallery of Studio inaugurates locker room Joy with 27 Tiago Coelho photography

Opening Day 25 November 2016, at 7:00 pm Visitation until 4 February 2017 (The gallery will remain special time of day 17 from December to 4 January 2017 -visit the website) Free admission to ...

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Atelier Gallery opens TIME unlikely daguerreotipista Francisco Moreira da Costa

(Only Brazilian daguerreotipista) Curated by Marcia Mello Day 23 September, 19h Free admission "A daguerreotype is a single image held onto a copper plate covered with a thin layer of silver. Your silver shiny surface shows, as ...

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Untitled, Series Terra Roxa. Photo of Jose Diniz.

Studio and Gallery FotoRio 2016 Inaugurate Backwoods Cerrado

Shows photographs of renowned artist José Diniz Day 2 July, 12h free admission to Workshop Gallery opens on the day 2 July, at 12:00, the exhibition Hinterland Cerrado, the renowned photographer José Diniz. Curated by Claudia Tavares. ...

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