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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: MF Global Press.

Responsibility is key to understanding science and science journalism

Doctors Fabiano de Abreu and Ângela Mathylde talk on Live about the importance of scientific journalism and the valorization of the scientist In times of pandemic and Fake News, it is necessary to have discernment and attention with what ...

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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: CPAH.

Neuroscientist explains about Covid-19 mRNA vaccine and would change our genetic code

Doctor of Health Sciences in Psychology and Neuroscience, Fabiano de Abreu worried about false information on the internet, explains about the vaccine “O RNA mensageiro não altera o código genético pois ele é uma cópia da fita ...

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"Amor Confinado" by Aline Silvestri, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Confined love: How far distance can interfere with love?

Peculiar Editora anuncia antologia e Aline Silvestri é uma das autoras selecionadas O novo Coronavírus, a Covid-19, estremeceu diversos relacionamentos ao longo dos meses durante 2020, alguns casais se divorciaram e outros encontraram outros meios para manterem contato, even ...

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Faces of Pandemic, banner - featured. Disclosure.

Faces of Pandemic: Maybe you identify with any of these stories

Anthology organized by Paula Barros brings together 10 fictional stories about the Covid-19 pandemic The new Coronavirus pandemic, a Covid-19, arrived in an overwhelming way, harming and taking the lives of people all over the world. Workers, unemployed, entrepreneurs, estudantes e ...

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Larissa Pessoa, Andrew Oliveira and Maurizio Ruzzi. Photo: Disclosure.

Book sales increase in Brazil and authors create expectations for Black Friday

With growth in book sales during the Covid-19 pandemic, authors share their views on what to expect from Black Friday Brazil is the second country where the most talked about Black Friday on Twitter, segundo um ...

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Cultural association opens 100 vacancies for new salespeople of Revista Traços. Disclosure.

Cultural association opens 100 vacancies for new salespeople of Revista Traços

Project aimed at homeless people starts to serve people who were unemployed during the pandemic of the covid-19 The Traços de Comunicação e Cultura Association opens 100 vacancies for new Culture Spokespersons, what salespeople are called ...

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David Johny, featured. Photo: MF Global Press.

Livraria Cultura's situation is a great example of the need to update itself, says David Johny

Entrepreneurship and digital marketing consultant, David Johny analyzes the situation of the former book market giant as an apprenticeship for companies The Cultura bookstore, um ícone que marcou gerações de leitores com o encanto de suas belas lojas ...

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Victor Bonini. Photo: Disclosure.

Victor Bonini signs contract with Grupo Editorial Coerência for new book

“Tormenta Branca” é o quinto título do jornalista e tem previsão de lançamento para início de dezembro Após quatro títulos lançados pela Faro Editorial, o autor e jornalista Victor Bonini anunciou que já tem nome e data para sua nova ...

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Celina Moraes. Photo: Disclosure.

Truth: which will set us free?

Celina Moraes* Conhecereis a verdade, and the truth will set you free. How to identify the liberating truth in a fake-news galaxy, ideologies and opinions? There are those who have their truths that are tied to the person's own values. They are subjective truths. Podemos ...

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Books brought together by the Editorial Coherence Group. Disclosure.

Coronavirus pandemic books (COVID-19)

Meet some authors and their works inspired by the Coronavirus pandemic Going against the current situation of the publishing market, research shows that sales of physical and digital books have grown by about 50% since April - what you can ...

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