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Trip to Portugal Anthology of Poetry from Brazil and Portugal - Various Authors, editorial organization Gisele Sant’Ana Lemos, featured. Disclosure.

Poetic anthology unites Brazilian and Portuguese writers in the pandemic

Strengthen literary ties between Brazil and Portugal, even in the face of the pandemic. This is the proposal of the new poetic anthology “Viagem a Portugal”. Published in partnership between Bibliomundi and Filo Editora, ebook shaped, the work has as objective ...

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Photo: Anna Shvets no Pexels.

It takes strength, health and patience to overcome pandemic challenges

Some activities and understandings are essential to deal with Covid-19 and its social consequences According to the research “The Brazilians, the pandemic and consumption”, of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), there was an increase of nine percentage points among the inhabitants of the ...

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Book "Quarantine portraits" from Silvia Schmidt. Disclosure.

Book shows different perspectives of social isolation

After days of intense isolation, nine writers came together to report creatively, innovative and no less critical, your feelings, pains and losses experienced in the pandemic through harmonic tales that gave rise to the book “Portraits of the quarantine”, ...

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Photo: Prime Art Reproduction / Disclosure.

With pandemic, audiovisual company finds new forms of production in the remote direction

A series of productions were completely filmed by local teams in different areas of Brazil as a production, direction, editing and finishing took place at another point Usually, making an audiovisual production presents a series of obstacles, because you need a whole ...

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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: MF Global Press.

Responsibility is key to understanding science and science journalism

Doctors Fabiano de Abreu and Ângela Mathylde talk on Live about the importance of scientific journalism and the valorization of the scientist In times of pandemic and Fake News, it is necessary to have discernment and attention with what ...

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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: CPAH.

Neuroscientist explains about Covid-19 mRNA vaccine and would change our genetic code

Doctor of Health Sciences in Psychology and Neuroscience, Fabiano de Abreu worried about false information on the internet, explains about the vaccine “Messenger RNA does not change the genetic code because it is a copy of the strand ...

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& quot; Confined Love" by Aline Silvestri, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Confined love: How far distance can interfere with love?

Peculiar Editora announces anthology and Aline Silvestri is one of the selected authors, a Covid-19, rocked several relationships over the months during 2020, some couples got divorced and others found other ways to stay in touch, even ...

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Faces of Pandemic, banner - featured. Disclosure.

Faces of Pandemic: Maybe you identify with any of these stories

Anthology organized by Paula Barros brings together 10 fictional stories about the Covid-19 pandemic The new Coronavirus pandemic, a Covid-19, arrived in an overwhelming way, harming and taking the lives of people all over the world. Workers, unemployed, entrepreneurs, students and ...

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Larissa Pessoa, Andrew Oliveira and Maurizio Ruzzi. Photo: Disclosure.

Book sales increase in Brazil and authors create expectations for Black Friday

With growth in book sales during the Covid-19 pandemic, authors share their views on what to expect from Black Friday Brazil is the second country where the most talked about Black Friday on Twitter, according to one ...

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Cultural association opens 100 vacancies for new salespeople of Revista Traços. Disclosure.

Cultural association opens 100 vacancies for new salespeople of Revista Traços

Project aimed at homeless people starts to serve people who were unemployed during the pandemic of the covid-19 The Traços de Comunicação e Cultura Association opens 100 vacancies for new Culture Spokespersons, what salespeople are called ...

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