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naican escobar. Photo: Disclosure.

Naican Escobar uses art to talk about depression and its consequences

Working in different segments of the art, the artist proposes to bring messages and reflections about the disease to young adults For many people, Youth is a period of life composed of several crises and intense questions that can ...

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Book "Between Cockroaches and Rhinoceroses" by Mauro Mendes Dias, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Mauro Mendes Dias launches Between Cockroaches and Rhinoceroses, book that deals with the animal incorporation of man

Psychoanalyst Mauro Mendes Dias launches the book Entre Baratas e Rinocerontes by Editora Iluminuras, that reaches the reader after the release of The Speech of Stupidity, in which shows, since psychoanalysis, how stupidity speech works, responsible for ...

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Julia Giarola e seu livro "Entrevista com a Morte". Photo: Disclosure.

Death is interviewed in suspense written by Julia Giarola

Released in September this year, “Interview with Death” competes for a literary award for Best Thriller 2021 If you had the opportunity to interview death, what would be your main question? This is Guy Standing's situation., renowned presenter ...

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Book "The Song of the Cicada" de Renata Maggessi, cover - featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Serial killer terrorizes Rio de Janeiro in suspense written by Renata Maggessi

“O Canto da Cigarra” involves controversial and real issues through a story told from different perspectives Finalist of the Choice Awards Coherence 2020, or suspense “The song of the cicada” written by Renata Maggessi from Rio de Janeiro and published by Grupo Editorial Coerência, brings controversial themes ...

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Buana Lima launches the book “I of All Times and the Spheres of the Universe”. Disclosure.

Buana Lima launches the book “I of All Times and the Spheres of the Universe”

Characters from the book will be collectibles The story begins in a café in Colombia, unites Colombian characters, english, Scottish and varied beliefs. The protagonists who thought they had a quiet life and a defined destiny will live ups and downs in their love lives ...

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"The Forgotten History of the Inn on the Road", cover - featured, of C. A. Saltoris. Disclosure.

Fiction book raises reflections on the consequences of giving up on oneself

“The Forgotten History of Inn on the Road”, of C. A. Saltoris, wins new edition by Grupo Editorial Coerência With remarkable lecture at TED, the woman who gives life to the artist C. A. Saltoris stands out for mastering a very present subject in ...

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Book ‘Spits & Mikha's splinters’, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Book ‘Spits & splinters’ dives with intensity into contemporary pains and madness

Short story collection by writer Mikha released in 9 October, in São Paulo A current writing, female, Urbana, disturbing. an inevitable reading. This is how it is ‘Spits & splinters’, from São Paulo author Mikha, second volume of short stories from the trilogy started with ...

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Black river. Photography: Ed Beltron.

Ed Beltrão celebrates water in 'Temperance'

“It reflects my moment of more maturity and the calm that time has brought” Ed Beltrão launches his first book and opens the exhibition “Temperança”, curated by Juan Esteves, with 20 photographs that display a clipping of his work where ...

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Digital book "Creating case every day: the only and original diary of the pandemic" by Carlos Schlesinger, cover - featured. Disclosure.

making case every day: the only and original diary of the pandemic

Carlos Schlesinger brings together delicious texts produced during isolation. Live book launch was attended by journalist Joaquim Ferreira dos Santos In his digital book ‘Creating case every day: the only and original diary of the pandemic’, the lawyer Carlos ...

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Igor Lopes. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Portuguese-Brazilian journalist and writer, Ígor Lopes will present the book “Azores in Colors” in Rio, in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte in the month of October

The Portuguese-Brazilian journalist and writer Ígor Lopes will launch his fourth book-report in Brazil. “Azores in Colors – Beauties, Contours and Potentials” bears the seal of the publisher “Present Celebration” and had the support of the Azorean Government, through ...

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