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Photo: Anna Shvets no Pexels.

It takes strength, health and patience to overcome pandemic challenges

Some activities and understandings are essential to deal with Covid-19 and its social consequences According to the research “The Brazilians, the pandemic and consumption”, da Confederação Nacional da Indústria (CNI), houve aumento de nove pontos percentuais entre os habitantes do ...

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"Tales for Broken Hearts and Melancholic Souls"" by writer Camilo Alves Nascimento with the art of Nádia Dalla Vecchia, featured. Photo: Disclosure.


In 2018, the brilliant writer Camilo Alves Nascimento decided to gather his tales and disseminate them through fanzines, a not very conventional format for that purpose. Apesar de não ser comum um escritor usar essas revistas independentes para compartilhar suas ...

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6ª Literary Coherence: The height of national literature. Disclosure.

Authors come together to promote literature at an online event

Rafaella Marques, Carolina Reginatto, Leandro Chagas and other artists, confirm their presence at the 6th Literary Coherence: The height of national literature From the day 01 until 09 de Mayo, the Editorial Coherence Group will mobilize on its social networks for the ...

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DIAS DE RECLUSÃO PROJECT - Collection of Arts and Anthology of the “Dias de Reclusão” Project, Flyer, featured. Disclosure.


Children producing Collective Culture of Arts and Anthology of the “Days of Solitude” Project When I met a person who seemed a little lucid to me, I did with her the experience of my number drawing 1, that I've always kept with me. I wanted to know ...

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One Million Happy Endings - Vitor Martins. Photo: Disclosure.

10 national works to read on World Book Day

Meet authors and books to read on the day 23 April On the day 23 April is celebrated World Book Day, and as it is never too late to venture an excellent story, principalmente quando existem diversos artistas do ...

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Lygia Bojunga. Photo: Disclosure.

From Rio Grande do Sul lands to the world

Authors from Rio Grande do Sul stand out in Brazil and in the world with their successful works With different dynamics, authors from Rio Grande do Sul are highlights of Brazilian literature with award-winning works and others as possible success ...

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Books. Photo: cottonbro no Pexels.

Book taxation threatens publishing market and authors comment on situation

The IRS indicated that a rate of 12% can be applied to all bookseller services, which can worsen the market situation One day after the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, say you want to move forward with reforms ...

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Author Margarete Chinaglia - Untying the Knots of Attention Deficit Disorder. Photo: Disclosure.

Book teaches you how to deal with the obstacles of Attention Deficit Disorder

Through simple language, the book “Untie the Knots of Attention Deficit Disorder – TDA”, by Margarete Chinaglia, talks about the main characteristics of the disorder, brings real examples, curiosities and teaches you how to deal with situations ...

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Leandro chagas, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Reading hidden during childhood, Leandro Chagas prepares to launch fantasy work

The author signed a contract with Grupo Editorial Coerência to launch “Diaspora”, first book in an epic saga No freedom to discover magical universes during childhood, Leandro chagas, physiotherapist 26 years, recently signed a contract with Grupo Editorial Coerência and the ...

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Theo da Paz Herrmann has 15 years and is in the third volume of its series. FotoTina Fon. Photo: Disclosure.

Young author from Rio Grande do Sul launches third volume of the comic series on the day 17 April

William & Mel, characters created by Theo da Paz Herrmann, live new adventures in another volume of the collection, that gets launched on digital platforms They arose in the author's pre-adolescence. Now, the characters, William & Mel, reach adolescence, ...

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