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Book "Karol with K" the Edelweis Ritt, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Karol com K: And. Ritt launches a Brazilian reinterpretation of Anne with an ‘E’

Book was launched in July by Grupo Editorial Coerência With the success of “Ausentes”, writer Edelweis Ritt launches another work by Grupo Editorial Coerência, this time a retelling of Anne with an ‘E’ called “Karol with K”. Launched in July this year and with a session ...

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Telma Brites and Kildary Costa. Photo: Disclosure.

Telma Brites and Kildary Costa reveal how they deal with creative block in writing

In an interview, both artists shared their ways of getting around creative stumbling blocks when writing a book The world is full of great artists who constantly have to deal with the famous creative block, in the literature the situation does not ...

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FLISP 2021 - Samuel Alexandre and Sacia Xavier - authors, featured. Photo: John Fellix.

FLISP 2021 sold over 8.000 books in a weekend

The event had more than 10.000 rotating people this past weekend, 07 and 08 August, the Literary Festival of São Paulo was held 2021 (FLISP 2021), organized by the Coherence Editorial Group. With the participation of several authors, Publishers ...

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Book “O Casulo” by Laila dos Santos, cover. Disclosure.

Resident who left Morro do Cubango and went to the asphalt of Rome launches book “O Casulo” in Cidade das Artes

Laila dos Santos was born in Cubango, neighborhood of Niterói, and has also lived in the neighborhood of Jardim Catarina, in São Gonçalo, Metropolitan Region of the State of Rio de Janeiro. She is the daughter of Lazarus, locksmith, and Sônia, from home. A ...

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Italo Moriconi, featured. Photo: Disclosure.


The poet and professor of History of Art Nuno Rau leads a workshop on Poetic Experimentation between 9/8 and 29/11, always on mondays, from 17h to 19h, by Instituto Estação das Letras. The meetings are online and will work with thought ...

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FLISP 2021. Disclosure.

Publishers and writers prepare for São Paulo Literary Festival 2021

Event will be held this weekend and complies with Covid-19 prevention protocols. Officially organized by Grupo Editorial Coerência, the São Paulo Literary Festival wins its second edition featuring “Pieces of History” as the theme. In the days 07 and 08 August ...

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C. A. Saltoris, Telma Brites, Kildary Costa, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

In addition to literature: the journey of writers who work in other artistic fields

Theater and painting are some of the talents beyond writing Several authors are known in the literary world by many readers, but many of these audiences do not know that these artists are not limited to literary works. this is the case ...

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Contest – USP Art and Literature Award 60+. Disclosure.

“The USP60+ Program promotes the Art and Literature Award”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Art is present in all spaces, revealing humanity's most intimate and sensitive feelings, recording historical moments and capturing the uniqueness of life in its smallest detail. In difficult times, literature and the visual arts always ...

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C. A. Saltoris cosplays great geek and pop culture characters. Photo: Disclosure.

C. A. Saltoris cosplays great geek and pop culture characters

The author began the practice by reproducing the character from her book “The Forgotten History of Hospedaria na Estrada” The artist C. A. Saltoris joined the cosplay universe when he dressed as Linumê, in 2014, for the release of “The Forgotten History ...

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Fantastic realism books to read even in 2021. Disclosure.

Fantastic realism books to read even in 2021

Discover four incredible works of this artistic current Fantastic realism is an artistic current that is very present and little known in novels, poems, paintings and cinematographic works. Usually this movement forges close ties and bets on the wonderful and magical to transfigure ...

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