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Illustrative picture. Photo: Pixabay.

Launch: book tells the backstage of the pilgrimages in honor of Nossa Senhora da Agonia, in Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Will be released next day 5 of August an unpublished book that talks about one of the Portuguese traditions: the pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of Agony. The work, entitled “Festas D’Agonia – Viana do Castelo – For Brazilians and ...

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Book "Almost Guardian" by Rafaella Marques, featured. Disclosure.

almost guardian: Rafaella Marques launches second book in the Eleita pela Magia saga

after being elected, Luna needs to team up with her new witch friends to fight a dark magic villain that threatens everyone's existence Luna's journey into the universe of magic has just begun! Published by ...

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The relief theory: How a positive goal can generate immense dangerous reactions (autograph), by Octavio Pires - featured. Photo: Disclosure.

The relief theory, an urgent reflection on evolution and human weaknesses

How much the rampant consumerism experienced by contemporary society is simply the product of forces we do not control? We always seek relief from something that ails us and we act to find solutions to what we see as problems or desires.? These are questions ...

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Hasankeyf. Photo: Café Central / MF Global Press.

Portuguese archaeologist warns in her book that one of the oldest human settlements in the world will disappear

Portuguese archeologist and historian, Joana Freitas, has a book published in a Brazilian publisher for more than 12.000 years, the river Tigris sustains the people of Hasankeyf, which is considered one of the oldest known human settlements. Now the time is up ...

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Livro "Poemas de Niterói" by Marcos Jorge Nasser, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Niterói poems – 3confronts and provokes precisely to move this world

Neutral colors are becoming increasingly popular. (autograph) Neutral colors are becoming increasingly popular. – Poems from Niterói; generating the interest of architects and decorators to create more cozy and differentiated environments ...

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Livro "A saga desconhecida do SUDÁRIO DE CRISTO e de sua Igreja", book - cover, featured. Disclosure.

Flower photo created by lookstudio

generating the interest of architects and decorators to create more cozy and differentiated environments, institution of the Department of Culture and Economy of the State of São Paulo Creative, in partnership ...

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Angela Brandão, Ilana Eleá and Lucelena Ferreira, featured. Photo: Danieja Justus.

“cutting wire” brings strong poetry of three women

Book was created together in the pandemic by Brazilian authors living in Chile, Sweden and Brazil Book of feminist poetry in the DNA, “Cutting wire” will be released on the 13 January, at 19h, at the Travessa de Ipanema bookstore, in the river, by the authors Angela Brandão, ...

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Livros "Entre Nós" e "Não Me Solte Jamais" by Binha Cibelle, covers. Photo: Disclosure.

Chae brothers: How far conflicts from the past can prevent a great love story?

Book series written by Binha Cibelle involves marriage agreement between tycoon families in a novel full of twists and turns When the truth is in the hands of the wrong person, a marriage of convenience can trigger major conflicts between two families. ...

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Book "Between Cockroaches and Rhinoceroses" by Mauro Mendes Dias, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Mauro Mendes Dias launches Between Cockroaches and Rhinoceroses, book that deals with the animal incorporation of man

Psychoanalyst Mauro Mendes Dias launches the book Entre Baratas e Rinocerontes by Editora Iluminuras, that reaches the reader after the release of The Speech of Stupidity, in which shows, since psychoanalysis, how stupidity speech works, responsible for ...

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Book "The Song of the Cicada" de Renata Maggessi, cover - featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Serial killer terrorizes Rio de Janeiro in suspense written by Renata Maggessi

“O Canto da Cigarra” involves controversial and real issues through a story told from different perspectives Finalist of the Choice Awards Coherence 2020, or suspense “The song of the cicada” written by Renata Maggessi from Rio de Janeiro and published by Grupo Editorial Coerência, brings controversial themes ...

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