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A rare Italian iconography of St. Francis in MNBA

Works of important Italian collections, dating from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries, reflect the most relevant stages of the representation of the art San Francisco. Show includes a virtual tour to the Upper Basilica of Assisi, Italy A few Catholic saints have ...

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Cows in the pasture of Eugène Louis Boudin. Photo: Disclosure.

Pride of the MNBA, Collection Eugène Boudin is exposed

The collection of 20 paintings of Louis Eugène Boudin (1824 – 1898) belonging to the National Museum of fine arts is the largest public institution outside of France. Its importance to art history's seminal: Boudin is considered ...

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Joachim Lebreton and the French mission in the MNBA

In celebration of 200 years of the arrival of the French Artistic Mission to Brazil, the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes/IBRAM/MINC inaugurated the next day 14 of december, from 12:00, the exhibition Joaquin Lebreton – the art scene in 1816 ...

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