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Casa Carioca - Ione Saldanha, Untitled, No date, Watercolor on paper. Disclosure.

Even closed and not expected to reopen, Rio Art Museum presents two unpublished exhibitions

The "group show “Casa Carioca”, with more than 600 items, e a individual “Aline Motta: memory, travel and water” can be visited for free, on specific dates and times. Entries will be made on MAR's website The Museu de Arte do ...

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Last days of "FLOW" and "Mulambo - All Our" in River Art Museum

The immersive room will be closed to the public on Sunday, 22, and the individual artist Mulambo closes on 28 free classification Rio Art Museum - SEA, under the management of the Institute Odeon, closes this holiday ...

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gallery talk with Mulambo in SEA

On Tuesday, 5, the Carioca artist Mulambo gets the audience into a conversation wheel on your display, “All our's”, on display at the Rio Art Museum Library. In chat “Hello, povão, It is now seriously”, the artist will talk a little ...

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strengthening project of the Rio Art Museum, held sponsored by BNDES, reopened on 24 August the new Library and Documentation Center SEA

reopening event will feature an extensive program that includes the opening of the exhibition "Mulambo – All our's", Creation of workshops aimed at different age groups, book launching, DJ and fair independent publications and graphic arts Saturday, 24 ...

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