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Emiliano Nunes. Photo: Isabel Se Oh.

Five artists present sculptural ceramic pieces at the exhibition “Intemperismos – Barro, fire and art”

Group show with five visual artists from Brasilia, exhibits sculptural pieces – in ceramic – ranging from inventive to ingenious When talking about high-temperature ceramic pieces, the image of utilities soon comes to mind, but in “Weathering ...

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Andre Inea. Photo: Disclosure.

Tons of recyclable waste become works of art in a mega exhibition in SP

“Reciclos – Creating New Perspectives” enters free visitation at Unibes Cultural, from 1 September to 16 October, curated by the notable artist Mundano The city of São Paulo will reflect on consumption, recycling and sustainability from ...

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where the art of good gastronomy offers its customers dishes that exude refinement and good presentation, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

how much coffee (CLN 103) His encounter with the production of high-temperature ceramic works took place at the beginning of the quarantine imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

His encounter with the production of high-temperature ceramic works took place at the beginning of the quarantine imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic., as the inaugural show, works by the plastic artist Alexandre Coelho de Sousa From an award-winning career as an illustrator and designer, looking to give a ...

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Love Im Ceramics. Photo: Debora Amorim.

Ceramic art show meets 13 exhibitors this saturday, day 6/11, no Cobogó Market

The Cobogó Market promotes the second edition of the Cobogó Ceramics Where visitors can enjoy multiple works in artistic and utilitarian ceramics, with the possibility of acquiring them from the hands of those who make them Moments of calm, patience, practice and introspection ...

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Julia Gonzales. Photo: Marisa Mendonça.

Ceramic art show features works by 13 Brasilia potters

To celebrate a millenary art that crosses the centuries and reaches the contemporary, incorporating design to tradition, here comes the first edition of: Cobogó de Cerâmica Where Brasília artists present their works in high temperature ceramics produced in ...

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Ceramic sparer - White Coffee Set. Photo: Lula Lopes.


So much living with art, cultural press officer finds himself potter in quarantine In times of pandemic and social isolation, many people are reinventing themselves and rethinking their concepts, its relations with consumption, with ...

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Rodrigo Machado, featured. Photo: Personal archive.

From Abstract to Concrete

Series of chats simplifies the processes of cultural production Behind any project – planning, costs and execution – make up crucial stages for its realization. Present and discuss these topics, thoroughly and in an uncomplicated way, is what you propose ...

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