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Luiz Fernando Dannemann, Joao Candido Portinari and Sergio Campos at the exhibition opening. Photo: Eder Novacki.

Last week to check out the exhibition "Portinari – The construction of a work "at Caixa Cultural RJ

The exhibition “Portinari – The construction of a work” reaches its last week in Rio de Janeiro Cultural CASH. With free admission, the exhibition can be visited until Sunday, 1st of July, from 10:0 to 9:0 pm. Open to the public on 3 de Mayo, They are over 25 thousand goers. In total, the exhibition, that previously went through Recife, Salvador and Curitiba, It was seen for about 75 thousand people so far. The project is sponsored by Federal Savings Bank and the Federal Government.

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“Portinari – The construction of a work” gathers 71 studies, paintings and works of the painter, muralist and designer, who won international acclaim portraying the country's daily life and social inequality, with amazing today. Also part of the assembly 16 sculptures created by the artist Sergio Campos, reproducing characters of important works by Portinari.

According to the curator Luiz Fernando Dannemann, the collected works show the artist's creative process, illustrating its history. “It is a specific display construction work of Portinari, studies showing, sketches and drawings of great works of the artist”, says the curator. "They are precious pieces of a singular artist, who sought originality in poetry itself of man ". Among them, there are studies for War and Peace Panel, Portinari created for the UN headquarters, in New York, between 1952 and 1956.

One of the great themes of the artist's work is social inequality, revealed in the daily record, as in “Group with sick man” and “dead child”, for example. “Portinari was a 'chronicler’ who, instead of writing, painted inequalities, the ephemeris”, says curator. "The Retirantes" is the reality of Brazil, people who went to big cities looking for better opportunities. And many of these works are still current, to criticism, chronic, because we still live in a country of social inequality”.


The sculptures of Sergio Campos contracenam with the works of Portinari at the show. Campos finished planning the own artist, I wanted to turn your pictures into sculptures. The Rio de Janeiro receives 16 works, revealing a three-dimensional view of the Portinari. “He intended to perpetuate some of his bronze characters. As he died prematurely, at the age of 59 years, He failed to complete this project”, explica Dannemann. “Sergio Campos, Painter family member, ended the idea, creating reliable in every detail sculptures”.

More info: www.portinari.org.br/#/pagina/candido-portinari/apresentacao

Exhibition Portinari, the construction of a work
Free Entry
Local: CAIXA Cultural Rio de Janeiro-Gallery 4
Address: Av. Almirante Barroso, 25 - Center (Subway and TRAM: Carioca Station)
Phone: (21) 3980-3815
Visitation: Until July 1, 2018
Time: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:0 to 9:0 pm
Indicative Classification: Free
Sponsorship: CAIXA and Federal Government
Access for people with disabilities

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