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In this category Columns, are interviews, materials with national and international artists, Columnists made by the site works of art.

Design – Artistic Production, Step by step 17 of how to draw by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: young glory of the sun on a silver spoon in flames, Alva! Light Christmas, Spring day, Do not love you! Not for you, BRAVIA dog days, That ...

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Retrospective 2018 Juliana Vannucchi

New columnist on the website, check out the articles on Art & Juliana Vannucchi of reflection 2018!   “The Dionysian Aura of Jim Morrison:” por Juliana Vannucchi “Gênios da Pintura:” por Juliana Vannucchi “Dez anos de Woodgothic:” por Juliana Vannucchi “A ...

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Retrospective 2018 Jessica Tan

Specializing in decoration, let's remember the articles in Jessica Theodoro 2018!   "Decompression Rooms: produtividade por meio da descontração” por Jessica Theodoro “Como escolher cortina” por Jessica Theodoro “Como escolher tapetes para a decoração” por Jessica Theodoro ...

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Retrospective 2018 Rosângela Vig

Many materials and History of Art by Rosangela Vig, Let's review!   Exhibition The Door by Rosangela Vig Modern Art - Cubism by Rosangela Vig Carrousel Du Louvre - Artcom Expo by Rosangela Vig Show Works "Why Not?"na ...

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Retrospective 2018 Edmundo Cavalcanti

Let's review the materials of Edmund Chandra in 2018!   Exposição Arte Cadeira – Anjos Art Gallery por Edmundo Cavalcanti Exposição “Encanto da Arte” – ARTEnoCAFÉ por Edmundo Cavalcanti Exposição “Animais retratados em sua natureza” por Edmundo Cavalcanti Cocktail Exposição ...

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Exhibition The Door by Rosangela Vig

The painting lesson Framework none is finished; Said right painter; can, endless continue it, First, on the other side of another frame. That, made from such; It has the hidden screen a door that gives a corridor ...

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Art Exhibition Chair - Angels Art Gallery by Edmundo Cavalcanti

The artistic sensibility of curator Maria Dos Anjos Oliveira, can once again be appreciated in the exhibition "Project: How is your chair?”, It is held at the Pacaembu Showroom 1849 - located at Av. Pacaembu, 1849, in São Paulo. Promote ...

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Exhibition "Art of Charm" - ARTEnoCAFÉ by Edmundo Cavalcanti

The city of São Paulo now has another beautiful and cozy space of art and culture, traditional cafeteria in Latin America, "Octavio Café", meeting point for businessmen, apreciadores do bom café e agora também dos amantes das ...

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Fig. 1 – House at the Black Madonna, Museum of Decorative Arts. Prague.eu: The Official Tourist Website for Prague. Photo: Ondrej Kocourek.

Modern Art – Cubism by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: Orpheus Admire the remarkable power this noble and commendable online: It is the voice that came from the light resonating What speaks Hermes Trismegistus in his ...

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Carrousel Du Louvre - Artcom Expo by Rosangela Vig

Over wetlands, the dewy valleys, Above the sea ether and, over the woods and the mountain. And far beyond the sun, beyond the horizon, Beyond the confines of the starry ceilings. my spirit, am going to ...

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