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In this category Columns, are interviews, materials with national and international artists, Columnists made by the site works of art.

Project: Studio Cris Paola. Photo: Hamilton Penna.

“How to choose carpets for decoration” by Jessica Tan

The carpet makes the most cozy and charming atmosphere and is one of the pieces that promotes UP decoration. However, acquired before-lo, one must be careful not to make mistakes when choosing. Check out some tips: Let it ...

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Meeting of the Arts – Central Plaza Shopping by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Celebrating the National Day of Arts and Fathers Day, the ABRASCI in partnership with the Central Plaza Shopping in Sao Paulo, promotes exposure “Meeting of the Arts”, with the participation of talented artists and their works. attend and ...

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The Great Red Dragon and the Beast from the Sea, 1805. William Blake. National Gallery of Art, Washington. Rosenwald Collection. Featured.

“The Dionysian Aura of Jim Morrison:” by Juliana Vannucchi

“Pain is a way to wake up (…) Do you feel your strength with the experience of pain (…) it is a feeling – your feelings are part of you (…) (excerpt from an interview with James Lizze – 1969). ...

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Exhibition “When color creates forms ", Certificates delivery by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Held on 26 of July 2018 Mrs 10:30 pm in Room Vila Lobos, the São Paulo State Legislative Assembly, delivery of certificates of participation to the artists. The event was attended by artists, ...

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Fig. 4 – Edvard Munch: The Scream, 1910, Tempera and oil on unprimed cardboard, 83,5 x 66 cm, featured. Munch Museum, Oslo. Photo © Munch Museum.

Modern Art – Expressionism by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: World's End The hat flies from the head of the citizen, All winds resound as though with muffled cries. The roofers fall and smash and back - ...

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Exhibition "When color creates forms" by Edmundo Cavalcanti

ABRASCI – Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Arts, History and Literature in partnership with ALESP – Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo and State Representative Colonel Telhada, They are promoting the exhibition "When color creates forms" with paintings ...

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“Geniuses painting:” by Juliana Vannucchi

Below, I listed my biggest influences painting, and I recorded a few brief comments by which justify my admiration for such artists. This type of text is always subject to change. I clarify that it was not written in chronological order. My ...

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“An adapted home for pets” by Jessica Tan

Increasingly, pets are part of our life and nothing fairer than adapt our lifestyle, how to think in the welfare of both the pet and the owner and leave our comfortable home and meet ...

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The exhibition Des Color! by Rosângela Vig

Say: The wind blew my mind about life. And all that was ephemeral If undid. And you only you, you are eternal… (MEIRELES, 1995, p.6) Only one poet's soul to leave so sweet message. And ...

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"How to improve your gourmet balcony!"Jessica Theodoro

Learn everything to improve their gourmet balcony! With our changing habits, the gourmet balcony is a preferred owner place to welcome friends and family and became important and operative, time to think about buying ...

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