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In this category Columns, are interviews, materials with national and international artists, Columnists made by the site works of art.

Monica Mendes – “Representational and Humanitarian Art”

Award-winning artist, regularly participates in various exhibitions, fairs and art shows around the world. “Painting is a daily exercise and requires discipline in addition to love and dedication. It is a constant struggle to overcome. (..)” – Monica Mendes Monica, tell us ...

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Yara Delafiori – "Redemption, overcoming and transcending ”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

“Sewing in colors by Yara Delafiori” The painting of a woman covered in a colorful patchwork goes far beyond a beautiful portrait, even more when it comes to repeated paintings and with different women, how did ...

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Jaime Vallardo Chávez - “The World Coins Artist”

The NAIF artist, Jaime Vallardo Chavez was born in Honduras in 1976. He is a planetary artist. Creates his works in the different countries he travels around the world, painting from 2008, is an artist without technique and without influence, your ...

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Retrospective 2020 Juliana Vannucchi

  Check out the articles on Art & Juliana Vannucchi of reflection 2020! “Meet the comic Alejandro Gomez:”, by Juliana Vannucchi “Meet the Egg, a collective of independent artists:”, by Juliana Vannucchi Cris Sybilla - “Dance, poetic language of the body”, ...

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Retrospective 2020 Rosângela Vig

  Subjects, Art History and Opportunities in 2020 by Rosângela Vig, Let's review! Painting on Canvas, Step by step 18 – Perception of colors and shapes by Rosângela Vig National Exhibition of Arts on Papel Moinho Brasil 35 ...

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Retrospective 2020 Edmundo Cavalcanti

  Let's review the materials of Edmund Chandra in 2020! collage Analog – Returning full force, by Edmundo Cavalcanti Marcelo Neves Art Gallery Exhibition in São Paulo by Edmundo Cavalcanti “Exhibition Artists participating in the Spectrum Miami Art Show - ...

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Campo Grande Theater Award - 1st edition, featured. Disclosure.

Campo Grande Theater Award - 1st edition, by Rosângela Vig

Notice of Public Notice via Public Notices and Related: The Cultural Artistic Association Stage of Performing Arts, Sport, Leisure and Social Promotion launched the 1st Campo Grande Theater Award, which seeks to promote the development of the performing arts and the recognition of their ...

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Lícia Vallim - “Make art, breathe art, live the Art”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

1- Where did you born? And what is your academic training? I was born in São João da Boa Vista / SP, I lived for 6 years in Ourinhos / SP and since 1985 I live in Ribeirão Preto / SP. Sou Analista de Sistemas e Corretora de Imóveis por formação e ...

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Public Call Vila Itororó Open Canteiro, featured. Disclosure.

Public Call Vila Itororó Open Canteiro, by Rosângela Vig

Notice of Public Notice via Public Notices and Related: Registration is now open for the public call for Occupation and Artistic Residences in the Apartments of the Vila Itororó Cultural Center! The purpose of the call is to offer spaces for projects ...

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Exposição Virtual "Resiliência", Flyer. Disclosure.

Resilience - Virtual Exhibition, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

“Resilience is the individual's ability to deal with problems, adapt to changes, overcome obstacles or withstand the pressure of adverse situations – shock, stress, some kind of traumatic event, among others." – Vittude Blog. In order to ...

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