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Image for illustrative purposes only. Wirestock image on Freepik.

Bahia production “Ocean” Inspired by Thornton Wilder's book

Directed and written by Bruno Masi, the Bahian film is an independent production of Rainha Cinema Digital Freely inspired by Thornton Wilder's work “Nossa Cidade”, “Oceano” is the new feature film directed by Bahian director Bruno Masi. A film ...

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Purely illustrative image of Locarno, Switzerland. Photo: Johannes Beckmann.

Rule 34: national film wins the most coveted award at the Locarno Film Festival

It is the second time that a Brazilian film is victorious in the competition for the Golden Leopard The Brazilian film “Rule 34”, the third feature film by Júlia Murat, won the highest honor at the Locarno Festival, the golden leopard. ...

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4th Urban Cinema – International Architecture Film Festival, featured. Disclosure.

Cinema Urbana promotes event at the Brasilia Museum of Art, to launch its fourth edition

MAB's occupation with visual and sound work The Museum's Cobogós facade houses ephemeral works carried out, in synergy, by two exponents of the arts Gabriela Bilá and André Costa, at the invitation of the curatorship of Cinema Urbana – International Film Festival ...

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MegaCities Short Docs: To Improve Life in Cities. Disclosure.

'MegaCities Short Docs' the largest short film festival that reveals sustainable initiatives in the world's largest cities is launched in Brazil

MegaCities Short Docs: To Improve Life in Cities, banner. Disclosure. São Paulo, July 2022: o MegaCities Short Docs, citizen documentary festival focused on sustainable issues and launched 8 years in Paris, arrives in Brazil in a partnership ...

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CCJF - Cinematographic Direction with Luiz Carlos Lacerda, course. Disclosure.

There's still time to register for the course. “Film Direction”

There are a few days left before the deadline for registration for the course "Film Direction”. The course, which will be taught by Professor Luiz Carlos Lacerda, will present basic notions of film direction - from the script and its technical decoupage, to ...

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Longa nacional 'A Colmeia' arrives at the commercial rooms. Photo: Bruno Polidoro.

'The Hive’ opening in cinemas day 30 of June

Dramatic suspense follows the conflicts of a group of German immigrants Not all blood is sweet as honey. The Hive A group of German immigrants lives isolated in the interior of southern Brazil. They try to be invisible, but the fear of ...

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Iecine opens registration for Oficina Webserie Remota, featured. Disclosure.

Iecine opens registration for Oficina Webserie Remota

Free and online activity for all of Brazil takes place from 16 to 27 May The Secretary of Culture (Sedac), through the State Film Institute (Iecine) – Sedac institution – opens registration for another workshop of the professional training project Revelando ...

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The Ugandan film The Girl in the Yellow Sweatshirt (2020) is one of the titles analyzed by the Revista Crítica de Cinemas Africanos, featured. Photo: Remember the Blessing.

African Film Festival launches Revista Crítica on the day 15 April

Free online publication gathers reviews, essays and profiles on the cinema of the African continent and its diaspora The African Film Festival launches on the 15 April (Friday) the electronic publication Revista Crítica de Cinemas Africanos. For your ...

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Ursula Monteiro. Photo: Disclosure.

Little money to get your project off the ground? Ursula Monteiro gives tips on how to make low-budget films and succeed

Creating an original story and having an efficient marketing strategy are among the tips of the filmmaker who has just released two independent productions When we think about producing a film, soon we imagine large numbers invested in recordings and publicity ...

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Or Hybrid, featured. Photo: Thiago Roma.

The Hybrid will provide an immersive experience in virtual reality

The project can be seen in person, at Café da Vila The interactive and immersive work “Or Hybrid”, by Robson Catalunya, returns to the Sorocaba public with a new experience. After a season of virtual presentations through content in ...

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