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Short film - History of the revolution, by Arthur de Pins Buisson. Disclosure.

Fourth, 16 have free cinema on the Sesc Digital platform! The Alliance Française Brazil presents the Exhibition “Short in French” with the series ‘Le temps des cerises”

SHORT IN FRENCH LE TEMPS DES CERISES The show "Short in French" is back on the SESC Digital platform and brings the series "Le temps des cerises" with 12 short films about revolts and revolutions with different approaches. From 16 from ...

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Live movie “Today is not a good day”, price. Disclosure.

Live movie “Today is not a good day” debate on sorority and the precariousness of pandemic capitalism

Authored by director Priscila Lima, show will be live and online, bringing up debate and new forms of technology for the theater The setting is social isolation, a video call is opened by two women ...

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Production "Catalepsy" by Priscilla Guedes. Disclosure / MF Global Press.

science and art together: Award-winning Brazilian filmmaker competes in Cannes in a project with the participation of a Brazilian scientist

Film director Priscila Guedes and the PhD, neuroscientist Fabiano de Abreu takes the name of Brazilian science to Cannes with support from the Swiss government A production directed by a Brazilian is very close to reaching a new level a ...

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Dira Paes as Lucimar in the TV Globo soap opera "Save Jorge" (2012). Photo: Disclosure.

Rio de Janeiro will host event on “Film Direction” and will feature Dira Paes and Paulo Betti

The attraction will be free and completely open to the outside audience Big screen lovers from all over Brazil will be able to participate in the Cinema Week 31 May and 1, 2 and 4 June 2021, from 10pm, big screen lovers from all over Brazil ...

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Movie «The Woman in the Window»: What is Agoraphobia?

The film «The Woman in the Window», the new success of Netflix, addresses agoraphobia, uma doença do foro da ansiedade. O PhD, neurocientista e neuropsicólogo Fabiano de Abreu explica o que é a doença, bem como diagnóstico e tratamento. Second ...

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Documentary "Amazon in Flames", poster - featured. Disclosure.


The American documentary, launched in the United States and Canada, critica a política ambiental de Bolsonaro AMAZÔNIA EM CHAMAS com Moby, Xuxa, Luisa Mell, João Gordo – among other experts and activists – agora chega ao Brasil nos serviços de ...

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Reserve Imovision. Disclosure.

This Friday, Films made by Women are the highlights of Reserva Imovision

FILMS MADE BY WOMEN ARE THE HIGHLIGHTS IN THE IMOVISION RESERVE The week that Chloé Zhao became the second woman to win an Oscar for directing, the platform debuts three feature films directed by women The titles that come in on Friday ...

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Liquid glass. Photo: Daniel Souza.

“SILICA”, film about the production of glass art

Director and visual artist, Camilla Stefanini and Patricia Bagniewski [respectively], launch the documentary medium-length film: SILICA The film, recorded in Murano, in the city of Venice (Italy), presents a brief history of glass from the artist's experience under the eye ...

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Conservation Center of the MAM-RJ Cinematheque, in downtown Rio, and the Cavideo Cultural Space. Photo: Disclosure.

Event will celebrate two new spaces for the Conservation and Memory of Cinema in Rio de Janeiro

The attraction is free and open to the public from all over the country In the midst of the cultural crisis, Rio de Janeiro sees the emergence of almost two spaces dedicated exclusively to the conservation and research of Brazilian and international cinema: the new ...

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Imovision announces the debut of its Digital Platform: a BOOKING IMOVISION

The streaming service goes on air in April with more than 250 titles from the IMOVISION collection, in addition to unpublished films, exclusive series and releases every week. The forecast is to reach 1.000 titles to the end ...

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