Rule 34: national film wins the most coveted award at the Locarno Film Festival

This is the second time that a Brazilian film has been victorious in the competition for the Golden Leopard


The Brazilian film “Rule 34”, the third feature film by Júlia Murat, won the highest honor at the Locarno Festival, the golden leopard. This is the second time that the most coveted award at the event has been awarded to a Brazilian work.. Altogether, were 17 international films competing for the trophy, and the Brazilian film came out victorious, standing out among the other competitors.

The Locarno Festival is an event held every year in Switzerland, and is one of the oldest and most traditional festivals of world cinema. The 75th edition was held between the days 3 and 13 of august this year, with the display of more than 200 movies. Murat received the news that he was this year's big winner at the closing ceremony, when the delivery of the prizes was celebrated.

By thanking you for the trophy, the filmmaker recalled that the only Brazilian film that had won the Golden Leopard was “Terra em Transe” (1967), by Glauber Rocha, more than 50 years. Pickled Pear, winning the award was unexpected and rewarding. The director declared that she did not expect the jury to defend the work., for dealing with very sensitive topics, but wants the film award to help understand the defense of democracy and dialogue.


This is the second time that Julia Murat has emerged victorious from an international festival. In 2017, the director won an award at the Berlin Film Festival, with your second film, “Commute”.

The film gets its name in reference to the so-called “rule 34” on the internet., where any and every subject can inspire the creation of pornography, and that content already exists on the network. The protagonist is Simone (Sol Miranda), a law student who paid for her studies with the money she raised as a performer on a pornographic website. after formed, Simone is taken to defend women victims of domestic violence and, slowly, she sees the problems she faces at work affecting her own personal life.

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The film marks the debut of Sol Miranda in theaters, actress best known for her role of Donna Maria Nuñez, em Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The cast also includes the participation of Lucas Andrade (Coyote), Comparative Lorraine (Lucia) and Isabela Mariotto (Nat), like Simone's friends and lovers.

Although the film does not yet have a release date in Brazilian cinemas., international recognition is extremely important. With the positive reception of film critics and the public that participates in the events, it is even easier to attract the attention of film distributors so that the same is released on the big screen, or even on streaming services, that are more accessible and can be watched on any device, since a cheapest notebook even smartphone or smart TV.

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