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Adriana Ninsk. Photo: Disclosure.

Collective Contemporary presents exhibition "Highlights"

We live in the era of change, the deconstruction of consolidated figures, the culture of metamorphoses and the failure of certain classical ideologies of society.

The era of supposedly unshakable certainties are falling to the ground.

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“As noções de felicidade na esfera do moderno estão intimamente relacionadas com a satisfação imediata das necessidades humanas, fictitious needs largely. The unbridled pursuit of satisfaction seems to be the hallmark of contemporary narcissistic culture, which makes it essential to “be happy”, mesmo que para isso apresentemos uma imagem superficial de aparente felicidade.”, explica a curadora da mostra Luciane Valença.

The resulting intersections have the same dimension at one point, different ways of looking at life, through expressions that lead us to the common point of art. Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, miseries, Virtues, Arts, globalization, Work, Politics, rights, Environment, Faith, Trade, Relations and Dreams. Dez artistas e suas cenas highlights sobre o que compõe o Homem Moderno.

Compound Ninsk by Adriana, Allan Alves, Attila Toledo, Cadu Leal, Charlotte Lisbon, Herbert Zampier, Luciane Valença, Maria Maia, Ricardo Bhering, Wilson Nobrega, the Collective has its Contemporary Curated by its founder and member, the artist Luciane Valencia.

Highlights – Coletivos Contemporâneos
Date: 14 of the March 12 April 2019, segunda a segunda
Time: Monday to Friday, das 10h ás 17h; Saturday, domingo e feriados das 10h às 15h
Free entry
Parental guidance: Free
Cultural Center Paschoal Carlos Magno
Lee Street Thunder, s/n, Campo de São Bento, Icaraí, Niterói



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