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"The Remnant"

Ligia Calheiros inaugurates exhibition at the Cultural Center on Post Niterói 28 September.

Leah curation of Rio, solo exhibition runs until 16 November.

On 28 September, Ligia Calheiros opens the exhibition "Remaining”, the Cultural Post Niterói. Leah curation of Rio, the show features seven works, between installation, series of photos, object and drawings, created from the interference of the artist in everyday items about to be discarded. The Ligia research stands out for "dissection" of simple everyday objects, who have lost their use, bringing to light their inner layers secret, their waste, for the meeting of new objects and meanings. The exhibition is on until 16 th November of 2019, with free admission.

According to curator, by interfering with objects using various means, the artist observes the events that arise, taking advantage of what gives meaning to the process. In this game, often it creates other objects from themselves: the parts which separate the whole can become independent or, mostly, go together, affirming its links. “The Ligia look is attracted to objects that are on the verge of becoming something almost meaningless, they lose their function. Not knowing the length of what until then had a perfect balance Ligia lead to want to wake him. Find its essence it is fundamental ", Lia says Rio.


Ligia Calheiros – Graduated in Bachelor in Visual Arts, attended several courses at EAV Parque Lage (RJ) and the course Monitoring Art Works, Lia under guidance of Rio. He participated in the collective "The Feminine" (1997), at the Museum of the Republic (RJ); Last Things (1999), the Gallery IBEU, Copacabana (RJ); "Looks" (2013), the Gallery Ismael Neri (RJ); "Dimensions" (2014), "Directions" (2015), no CACG-RJ; participation in the Street Gallery; the 25th edition of Open Doors Arts (2015); “Project + New 2017”, no CACG (RJ); “Place of Light” (2017), no Centro Cultural Light (RJ); AXIS 2018; Show Virtual Art 3ªedição, Bhering Factory (RJ); collective House of Affection (2018), in Solar Art Gallery (RJ); Collective Reading Room, the State Library-Park Rio de Janeiro.



The exhibition “Humanities“, the artist Rodrigo Pedrosa, It aims to provoke questioning about the contradictions and inconsistencies of human nature. Pedrosa looking shifting contexts and points of view to look into issues that deal with the human condition: the loneliness, the fear, self-destruction. The imagery spectrum of his works notice, collect, counteracts, proposes, instigates and confronts those ideas.

By 28 September


The exhibition "coal"Uses this raw material as pictorial element in two exhibition rooms, on the ground floor of the Cultural Post Niterói. These are paintings in triptychs and diptychs large, in which coal and create special lighting surface reliefs and. By using one of the most polluting fossil fuels in the world, since the Industrial Revolution, Dudu Garcia makes an allusion to the transformation of society and the very illusion of development.

By 19 October


The show “Traces” It was created from the Marcia Rommes search, resulting in the development of a type of polymer that has become raw material for the development of rich textures and shapes parts. The works are presented as memories records, poetic narratives that raised discussion and reflection on time and memory. A poetic and aesthetic affective able to transport us beyond the formal construction.

By 19 October


Laura Freitas meets investigations around the egg aesthetics “when born (or die) It is not a choice“. In shows, the artist explores the symbols and imagery seizures egg. Altogether there are eight jobs exposed between drawings, sculptures and small plants in which coal drawings on paper and shredded cotton sewn with thread join the broken eggshells and reconstructed with plaster bandage and tailoring.

By 19 October


At the show "Nature”, Lia Rio brings together photos and videos, as well as a facility in the center of the gallery. I read the works of Rio refer to life in big cities, seeking to rescue the potential of materials, of things, human, than carry itself. The project's guiding principle issues that address the nature, urban, time and culture.

By 23 November

Art Exhibition
Title: Remaining
Artist: Ligia Calheiros
Curated By: Lia River
Local: Cultural Post Niterói
Opening: 28 September, the 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Visitation: from 30 September until 16 th November of 2019, from 11:00 to 6:00 pm, except Sundays and holidays
End.: Av. Visconde do Rio Branco, 481 - Center – Niterói - RJ
Tel: 21 2503-8550 / 8560
Free entry
Age rating: Free

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