Andréa Brêtas uses the camera lens to bring up the subject of Female Genital Mutilation

"Crying" Exhibition, photography. Photo: Andréa Bretas.

Andréa Brêtas uses the camera lens to bring up the theme of Female Genital Mutilation in an exhibition of black and white photos, of african women, em quatro salas dos Correios Niterói RJ A mostra tem por objetivo provocar o observador e conscientizar sobre o fim à violência contra a mulher, com intervenções noRead more

Correios Niterói Cultural Space hosts exhibition of abstract works and macrame pieces by visual artist Ana Soares

Ana Soares. Photo: Disclosure.

“Emotion and Substantive” is the visual artist's first solo exhibition, journalist and therapist Ana Soares. The exhibition will be on display at the Correios Niterói Cultural Space, in the city center, from 13 March to 8 de Mayo. The exhibition will consist of 18 abstract works depicting, since the beginning of his paintings, your job … Read more


Mesaposta, 2016, Maia Bueloni. Photo: Disclosure.

Maia Bueloni paintings occupy the Cultural Post Niterói. Exhibition open day 30 November and runs until 25 January. Maia Bueloni inaugurates the "Waterproof" exhibition at the Cultural Center Post Niterói. Leah curation of Rio, individual brings together ten screens artist, cuja pesquisa tem como foco um universoRead more


PRESS CONFERENCE WITH NINE ARTISTS TAKES WOMEN'S CULTURAL SPACE POST NITERÓI AND PICTURES HISTORY OF THE INSTITUTION AND THE CITY, CELEBRATING BIRTHDAY IN NOVEMBER MONTH Opening: 30 November, at 3pm In the month in which the Correios palace completes 105 years and the Cultural Post Niterói celebrates five years of operation, … Read more

"The Remnant"

Ligia Calheiros inaugurates exhibition at the Cultural Center on Post Niterói 28 September. Leah curation of Rio, solo exhibition runs until 16 November. On 28 September, Ligia Calheiros inaugura a exposição “Do Remanescente”, the Cultural Post Niterói. Leah curation of Rio, the show features … Read more


Rio lia exposes the Cultural Post Niterói. Day show opens 21 September, on celebration of Arbor Day. One of the first artists to work with themes related to nature in Rio de Janeiro, Lia do Rio was invited to the Correios de Niterói Cultural Space to celebrate Arbor Day. In 21 from … Read more

"When born (or die) It is not a choice "

Individual Laura Freitas at the Cultural Post Niterói brings together research around the egg. The exhibition runs from 17 august to 19 October curated by Fernanda Small. The Cultural Post Niterói receives "When born (or die) It is not a choice ", third solo exhibition of Laura Freitas. In shows, a artista exploraRead more

Cultural Post Niterói hosts exhibition "Coal", Dudu Garcia

Artist returns to the city after more than 15 years, for individual shows which opens to the public on 12 August and runs until 19 October Niterói receives the exhibition “Carvão” for the first time, carioca artist Dudu Garcia, with opening for guests on Saturday (10), at 3:0 pm, e abertura aoRead more

Marciah Rommes exhibition occupies four rooms of the Cultural Post Niterói

Shows open on the day 10 August and runs until 19 October, Leah Rio curatorial. On 10 August, visual artist Marciah Rommes inaugurates four facilities in the Cultural Post Niterói. Leah curation of Rio, the exhibition "Traces" brings together more than 3 mil peças formadas por umaRead more

Nadia Aguilera exposes the Cultural Post Niterói

The show "Just as those who seek" opens in 20 July, Leah Rio curatorial. From collages printed on canvas, artist reflects on life in large urban centers, between oppression and the expectation. Nadia Aguilera exposes from the day 20 July, the Cultural Post Niterói. … Read more