Contemporary Sculpture: Limits and Expectations in Art

Contemporary Sculpture: Challenging Limits and Expectations in Art. The Alexander Calder sculpture L'Homme French for Man. Photo:

Contemporary sculpture, as a form of artistic expression in constant metamorphosis, emerges as a mirror of modern society, reflecting its complexities and concerns. Shaped by a variety of cultural influences, political and technological, contemporary sculpture transcends the traditional boundaries of art, challenging expectations and redefining the limits of the possible. In this effervescent scenario, artists … Read more

C. The. Saltoris cosplays great geek and pop culture characters

C. The. Saltoris cosplays great geek and pop culture characters. Photo: Disclosure.

The author began the practice by reproducing the character from her book “The Forgotten History of Hospedaria na Estrada” The artist C. The. Saltoris joined the cosplay universe when he dressed as Linumê, in 2014, para o lançamento de “A História Esquecida da Hospedaria na Estrada”. During the event, the author played the protagonist and used the … Read more

Tendal da Lapa receive the first edition of the Fair 616

Several free attractions take place in the multiverse scattered in space. On 02 November the Tendal da Lapa receives the Fair 616. In this first edition, the organization plunged into the geek universe, nerd, otaku, otome, sci-fi and pop culture. Check out all the multiverse, that have accessible spaces, diverse and open to all. multiverse Fandom … Read more

Ernane Alves presents POP ART show in Ponteio

Ernane Alves presents shows POP ART. Disclosure.

At the present time, one of the most popular hits of the cultural industry is called digital selfie, a self-portrait that became a worldwide craze. In a selfie, the person turns the phone's camera to his face and then the image is replicated on social networks. Autorretratar always was a very common practice among painters and photographers. … Read more