Third film in the Grand Masters Series honors Maria Tomaselli

Filmmaker Henrique de Freitas Lima begins to shape the new documentary of your project to rescue life and work of artists gauchos still circulating with the documentary Zoravia, launched in the first half of 2019, o cineasta gaúcho Henrique de Freitas Lima já trabalha no terceiro título da Série Grandes Mestres, que será dedicado àRead more

Ferris Wheel, de Carmela Gross: far beyond the showroom

intense schedule, Santander Lighthouse of Porto Alegre, sets in motion relations of contemporary art and psychoanalysis, cinema and architecture. Chat with the artist and the curator closes the loop, com lançamento do catálogo da mostra Entre a próxima terça, 16 April, It's the day 25 de Mayo, uma ricaRead more

Exhibition honors trajectory of photographic reporter Antonio Paz

The different moments of photographic Antonio Paz reporter career, portrayed in 15 images, They may be conferred on the exhibition "PEACE", in the lobby of the House of Councilors (Loureiro da Silva Avenue, 255). Admission is free, with up visits 27 July, from 9:00 to 7:00 pm. The opening of the show will take place on 3 July … Read more

Photographic exhibition “Havana-New York” the filmmaker Mouth Migotto

The filmmaker and professor Mouth Migotto, Director of the documentary film about a good End, performs a photographic exhibition from the day 13 of december, in the Minibar, located at the corner of Rua João Telles Osvaldo Aranha Avenue. The exhibition, entitled “Havana-New York”, reúne fotografias realizadas pelo diretor nessas duas cidades a partirRead more

Begins the first International Biennial of contemporary art of South America-BIENALSUR

Jorge Macchi, Mare Tranquillitatis. Photo: Disclosure.

Begins the first International Biennial of contemporary art of South America-BIENALSUR, with the completion of 100 concurrent exhibitions in 32 cities of 16 countries Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul in the event circuit, bringing together works by more than 300 artists from five continents. As mostras serão realizadas de setembroRead more

Exhibition "The Mbyá Guarani" premiere at the River

Photo shows the river Poty Vherá bar Design and Danilo Christidis, first indigenous coauthored, It depicts southern Brazil Guarani communities In 2008, the photographer and educator visual Danilo Christidis began visiting Vherá Poty, Chief of the Mbyá Guarani village of Itapuã, in Viamão, in Rio Grande do Sul, a fim deRead more

On-site course: Missions-Rio Grande do Sul

The São Paulo Museum of Sacred Art promotes a “On-site course” in Rio Grande do Sul on the topic “A Jesuit Nation: the people of the missions”, who will speak on the experience of the formation of a Catholic indigenous State in southern Brazil. OBJETIVO O objetivo do curso é o de apresentar, on the spot, the … Read more