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Exhibition "Favelando" the Leila Diniz Culture Room. Disclosure.

Exhibition "Favelando" on Leila Diniz Culture Room

On 6 on Sep, Culture Room Leila Diniz receives the exhibition "Favelando", the artist Ricardo Rodrigues. The artist seeks to portray in his exposition the daily lives of communities in the city of Rio de Janeiro, showing what is most significant, symbolic and emotional, in this context.


Ricardo, Favela resident of Cerro Cora, located in the neighborhood of Cosme Velho, South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, It is well respected by most of the residents of the communities where its projects, connected to the art, local development, memory and history.

The artist via his personal experiences, It developed its own way of expressing their views, pain, anxieties and afflictions, through Art. In his arts, mix cubism, Modern art, abstract art and expressionism, is on canvas, graphite art or sculpture.

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Ricardo Rodrigues sees in his strokes and ink scribbles hope for a better world. Being confident that even if not change the world, be able to change some "worlds".

Exhibition "Favelando" on Leila Diniz Culture Room, Ricardo Rodrigues
Date: 06/09 – 30/09
Time: 10h às 17h (Monday to Friday)
Address: Rua Prof.. Heitor Carrilho, 81 - Center, Niterói - Culture Room Leila Diniz


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