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Windows of the Soul

The art is presented in the prism gothic, the sound of Gregorian chants ambientando a crowded space of light beams that further enhance the expressions of the artist Oil Rafael Matos. As he sets, the exhibition windows Soul It is the "crowning of a lifetime".

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With a different look, the artist considers the act of designing a blank white screen of a step of major significance, because that is when the inspiration is born. As identified in the picture of the first traces of a Michelangelo's work the peak of its creation.

The human relationship, full of emotions and interactions, It allows the observer to look at their intimate references the meaning of each work of art.

“The painting is first of all an aesthetic event. With Rafael Matos painting is no different, he governs with soft hands orchestration, dominates the scene and do not mind to share it. The Psychiatric Hospital of Jurujuba is your HQ inexhaustible source of events, emotional and aesthetic… He can trace as a pangeas feelings, fill with color. It does not skimp, save is for beginners and, so art reigns in the world of Rafael. Gilvan Nunes – Plastic artist.”

Windows of the Soul, Rafael Matos
Date: 05 of the March 30 March.
Time: Das 10h às 17h
Address: Culture room Leila Diniz, Rua Heitor Carrilho, 81 - Niterói Center
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