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educational exhibition project "Experimentation and method - engraving workshop of Inga" carries special program for International Women's Day

"Woman's place is in the art" is the central theme of the event that will discuss
the female presence in the Brazilian art and museum collections

Event is part of the exhibition that marks 40 years of the workshop led by artist Anna Letycia, who designed many artists of the generation 80 and which has become a central hub for the artistic scene of Niteroi and Rio de Janeiro. Curated by Marcus Otter and Viviane Matesco, the show in the Ingá Museum goes to 27 May over 100 works of 50 artists

Experimentação e Método – Oficina de Gravura do Ingá. Divulgação.

Experimentation and Method-Ingá engraving workshop. Disclosure.

"In a universe of about 5000 cultural objects of Inga Museum, composed of the most varied times and collection of typologies, was identified that 137 works were made by 71 women artists, representatives of various artistic movements, among them: Djanira da Motta e Silva, Edith Bhering and Renin Katz ", Alina tells the researcher Paula. "From this collection it is still possible to meet different representations of the female everyday women: Impressionist palette Georgina de Albuquerque, modern art Anita Mafalti and Tarsila do Amaral, folk art of Ana das Carrancas and artistic experimentation 30 artists-labels whose collection is in the institution ", complete.

Thinking about this topic, from 08 to 10 March the Inga Museum conducts a special program to celebrate International Women's Day. The activities are geared to the debate on women's presence in Brazilian art and admission is free.

From Thursday to Sunday, 08 to 10/03, They will be conducted guided tours of the exhibition "Experimentation and method - engraving workshops of Inga", focusing on the artists in the exhibition, as the very Anna Letycia, great show honored for his contribution to art through engraving workshops of Inga.

In the day 09 March, a partir the 14h, there will be a panel discussion on the place of women in art and museums, presented by Erica Castilho, coordinator of art education exhibition Experimentation and Method. "Considering the social role of the museum, the challenge of mediation is to create reflection bridges between art and social issues of greater contemporary relevance. Our job is to create an exchange space where diversity of opinion enables the enrichment of dialogue to build a better world. Through the relational power of art, We made our way to think about the important role of women artists, through the works presented in the exhibition”, explains Erica.

Soon after, at 14:30, a wheel formed by the curated and Viviane Matesco Analu wedge artists, Chang Chi Chai, among others present in the sample, They will discuss the topic. "You have to think and talk about what living, within today, in a structure built from the viewpoint masculinist. Not only note that in history the protagonists are mostly men, but that the way we think and act was built by the logic of man as a domineering woman and as an adjunct ", speaks Analu Cunha.

The event continues with a poetic intervention with Nivea Santana, with texts written by women.

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About the exhibition - The exhibition Experimentation and Method celebrates the 40 years of engraving Workshop of the Ingá and rescues the memory of your importance in a time of re-democratization of Brazil and of great cultural effervescence in Niterói. Meaning, especially, a tribute to your Creator, the artist Anna Letycia, We have deployed innovative coordination worrying not to jettison the etching of contemporary debates and intersections with other languages. With this order, attracted numerous teachers of different media of the Visual Arts, as Alair Gomes, Aluísio Coal, Newton Cavalcanti, Rubem Grilo, Carlos Martins, Ronaldo do Rego Macedo, José Lima, among others. The workshop for Anna Letycia is a "workplace, a lookup field, Exchange of information and experience ". This thought experiment, but also accuracy and method, prioritized by artist Inga made the workshop a central hub for the artistic scene of Niteroi and Rio de Janeiro. “The Ingá workshops were one of the cradles of art years 80. A generation that was born in workshops, that not attended formal lessons ' or ' universities. In this sense, the Parque Lage, the Museu do Ingá and MAM represented artistic practice "training locations, says Marcus Otter who signs the curator of the exhibition along with Viviane Matesco.

Experimentation and Method will be the leitmotif of the exhibition featuring works of own Anna Letycia, of their teachers Oswaldo Goeldi, Iberê Camargo and Darel Valença Lins, In addition to its employees and some of its former students who Excel in contemporary art, as Analu Cunha, Marcus Andre, Felipe Barbosa, Rosana Ricalde, Ana Martin, Fernando Lopes, Chang Chi Chai, Beatriz Pepper, Armando Mattos, among many others that produced exclusive works for the exhibition. As a celebration of the artistic context of Niterói, the exhibition includes also young artists who were born or work in the city revealing its cultural force. “This exhibition pays homage to Anna Letycia and consolidates the importance of not only the role of the workshop, but also by the collection of the Museum, reference Goeldi and many other established writers ", complements the curator Viviane Matesco.

The exhibition Experimentation and Method extends the engraving in a contemporary hybrid field. The discussion of reproducibility of images with multiple processes and innovative technologies will be a way to clarify the engraving on a magnified and experimental design. The engraving offset towards other languages emphasizes print procedures in the engraving. These issues pertain to the work of contemporary artists in this show that certainly will look to visit.

Experimentation and Method-Ingá engraving workshop
Curated By: Marcus Otter and Viviane Matesco
Visitation: until 27 May 2018
President Quarry Street, 78 Ingá, Niterói.
From Wednesday to Sunday, 12h to 5:00 pm, closed on holidays.
(21) 2717 2893 / 2717 2903 /
Programming educational project
Date: from 08 to 10/03 – guided tours focusing on the exhibition artists
Date: 09/03: 14h debate with curator and artists about the place of women in art
Free entrance.

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