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Free Online Cultural Qualification in Curation at CAW

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, countless professionals will need to innovate in their products, create new projects and strengthen ideas to make up for lost time.

Aiming to contribute with professionals from all over Brazil, CAW productions that carries out projects in the most varied artistic languages ​​has already qualified about 800 professionals since the year 2010 and 2020 will offer 100 scholarships in Online Qualification Courses.

Vacancies for:

  • Events production
  • Production of Art and Scenography for Videos
  • Fashion Photography Production
  • Exhibition Curatorship

Each course has a different workload and its own method, merging individual and group online practice, building networks among professionals, thus improving each project.

Beyond Courses, also has a vacancy for Cultural Projects Consulting.

“It is essential to keep updated and innovate our skills to generate new ideas and projects with achievable goals, already in the pandemic, we have to strengthen our knowledge to overcome any market risks”, emphasizes the Coordination of Ju Yao.

To register simply request the registration form and the regulation by email:


The Courses will start in June and can be attended by people above 18 years from all over Brazil until day 10 of May 2020.

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