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Laura Freitas. Photo: Marcelo pools.

"When born (or die) It is not a choice "

Individual Laura Freitas at the Cultural Post Niterói brings together research around the egg.

The exhibition runs from 17 august to 19 October curated by Fernanda Small.

The Cultural Post Niterói receives "When born (or die) It is not a choice ", third solo exhibition of Laura Freitas. In shows, the artist explores the symbols and imagery seizures egg. In all will be exposed about eight works, between drawings, sculptures and small installations, drawings in which charcoal on paper and shredded cotton sewn with thread join the broken egg shells and reconstructed with plaster bandage and tailoring. There are, yet, the recent series "You are dust", in which the artist breaks the carbon black and peels egg white to powder. The exhibition is open to the public on opening 17 August, at 3:0 pm, and goes on until 19 October.

Laura Freitas, who lives and works in Niterói, It has a long history in sewing by copyright and production of women's clothing, since 2013, It is fully dedicated to artistic production. In your work, she investigates the various possibilities of weaving as a make connecting, forms and body; one do Suturing, He takes and freedom. In his artistic process, line and needle are not limited to tissue, defy rigid and / or brittle materials, traversing different paths. The egg has been a recidivist matter in its work on proposals for reflection on birth-life-death, about the vulnerability, the fragility, errors and imperfections, on protection and take risks.

"There is a constant destroy and rebuild, wistfully that persist in an attempt to preserve, the remake of the shells through plaster, binding, needle and thread. The drawings appear as outlines the possibilities of paths and openings ", says the artist. According to the curator Fernanda Small, "The work of Laura, egg vulnerabilities are exploited, as well as its character and under protection, but also threatens. After all, live is to walk on eggshells all the time ".

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Laura Freitas

Lives and works in Niterói, RJ. Graduated in Art Education from the University Estacio de Sa, He began his studies at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, in 2013, attending courses taught by João Carlos Goldberg, Franz Manata and Iole de Freitas, among others. In 2016, held individual (RE)scoop up, at the Cultural Center Paschoal Carlos Magno, Niterói (RJ), and participated in the show of the students in the Parque Lage EAV. In 2017, He participated in the collective Banquet 60 and tiller, Marcia X in Clayton Space (RJ), as well as shows by AXIS Contemporary Art, who presented performance in Bhering Factory (RJ). In 2018, integrated collective Serendipity, C. Gallery (RJ), and Parallel AXIS-Shifts, the Gallery Cultural Reserve, in Niterói (RJ). In 2019, held the individual “Falo por um Fio”, in Candido Portinari Gallery at UERJ (RJ).

Fernanda Small

Born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1983, He is associate professor of art history at the Art Institute of the State University of Rio de Janeiro, where he served as exhibition coordinator of the Cultural Department, from 2016 to 2018. It is PhD in Visual Arts at the Post-Graduate School of Visual Arts in Fine Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, with sandwich period at Chelsea College of Arts (University of the Arts), London. Is a member of editorial staff of magazines and art backdrop concinnitas. Author of "Lygia Pape and Hélio Oiticica: poetic conversations and frictions " (Apicuri, 2013). Acts regularly as curator since 2009. Among his curatorial stand out: Possibilities of contemporary studio (Funarte / EAV Parque Lage, 2009), Long live the Vila Longuinhos! (Museum Murilo La Greca, 2009), image listening (Ibeu, 2011), Play (Museum Bispo do Rosario Contemporary Art, 2013-14), We (Cultural Box, 2016-17), Pressure Cookers also ping (Municipal Art Center Hélio Oiticica, 2017), Stupid (Candido Portinari Gallery, 2018), Image-experience (A Mesa, 2018), I speak for a Wire (Candido Portinari Gallery, 2019), among others.


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Solo exhibition
Title: when born (or die) It is not a choice
Artist: Laura Freitas
Curated By: Fernanda Small
Local: Cultural Post Niterói - room I – 1th floor
Address: Av. Visconde do Rio Branco, 481 – Center, Niterói – RJ
Inauguration: 17 August 2019, at 3:0 pm
Period: 19 august to 19 October 2019
Visitation: Monday to Saturday, from 11:00 to 6:00 pm (except holidays)
Free entry
Age rating: Free

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