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Retrospective 2019 Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.


Materials and Art History in 2019 by Rosângela Vig, Let's review!


First Traces of Modern Art – Impressionism in Brazil by Rosângela Vig

Modern Art – Surrealism by Rosângela Vig

Aesthetics of a friendship - Alfredo Volpi (1896-1988) and Bruno Giorgi (1905-1993), by Rosângela Vig

Exhibition "The Amazon is Our!"- São Paulo Metro by Rosangela Vig

Exhibition Things - Coffee as Poetic Mediator by Rosangela Vig

Modern Art – Abstractionism by Rosângela Vig

Metro Display - Line Culture, Paul Lionetti, by Rosângela Vig

Paul Klee Exhibition by Rosângela Vig

Dialogues on Paper by Rosangela Vig

Design – Artistic Production, Step by step 17 of how to draw by Rosângela Vig

Congratulations Rosângela! Success!!


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