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Room Leila Diniz opens doors to the exhibition "Navigate is precise"

Shows is in the cultural space of the official press release from 4 and 30 October

Fotografia de Renato Neves. Divulgação.

Photo by Renato Neves. Disclosure.

The Culture room Leila Diniz will receive in October the exhibition Browse it takes, of the photographer Renato Neves. In 40 Photo-canvases, Renato will present a pictorial trip that is for great moments and names of art history, as subtleties of Cézanne's gardens and expressionist boats found in the extensive work of Brazilian Frank Shaeffer. The show is in the Official press space between 4 and 30 October, and admission is free.

"I worked as a photographer for a long time. Until, at one point, I had the idea of giving a different twist in the pictures, photographing everything and turning the subjects in painting ", comments Renato Neves, with the partnership of Luiz Carlos Lacerda, who chose the name of the exhibition.

"A Sailor bold. Renato singra endless seas and amazing destinations in the search – who knows – of your paradise lost, taking us on board your talented trip ", praises Lacerda.

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Exhibition sailing's need
Date: 04/10 to 30/10
Local: Culture room Leila Diniz
Address: Rua Professor Heitor Carrilho, number 81, Centro-Niterói/RJ
Visiting hours: Monday-Friday, das 10h às 17h.


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