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Work of Lu Valencia.

The Return of the Contemporary Collective

CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVES WE DWELL AND BEGIN AT THE SAME TIME. In December 2017, Lu Valença was invited by the French artist and Tourism Ambassador in Rio de Janeiro, Philippe Rye, to be an art curator at the Sofitel Ipanema Hotel. ...

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Exposure Adriana Ninsk of Fly and Lu Valencia

all flies. Friends, lovers, amores. ideas, thoughts and news. creations, machines and projects. Life flies. fast fly. Flies dizzying speed who crosses space aboard a floating rock shot in original creator of color explosion, ...

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A journey through the history of music We can say that “Music” is the art of combining sounds and silence. Thinking about it, the artist Adriana Ninsk, which is also considered one of the best of Brazil blueswoman, immersed in research ...

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Collective Contemporary presents exhibition "Highlights"

We live in the era of change, the deconstruction of consolidated figures, the culture of metamorphoses and the failure of certain classical ideologies of society. The era of supposedly unshakable certainties are falling to the ground. “As noções de felicidade na esfera do ...

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Collective Exhibition “MIRRORS”

Mirrors are symbols of purity, truth and sincerity. In Eastern traditions, is a sign of wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment. intriguing objects, They have the power to attract to you the looks of them who crosses, occasion ...

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Exposição MUSIC FESTIVAL Adriana Ninsk

Curadoria Luciane Valença A blueswoman e artista plástica Adriana Ninsk traz para o Sofitel Ipanema a sua exposição FÊTE DE LA MUSIQUE, totally inspired by music idols, that influenced not only his musical training, mas que fazem parte ...

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