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Art Museum of Rio. Photo: Thales Milk.

Architect and urban planner Joice Berth is featured in the program of the Women in the Arts Seminar Cycle, promoted by MAR

In dialogue with the exhibition “Casa Carioca”, the second module of the event will address the relationship between city, body and gender In the days 02 and 16 October, Rio Art Museum – MAR, under the management of ...

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Rio Art Museum holds second edition of the Women in the Arts Seminar Cycle

In dialogue with the exhibition “Casa Carioca”, which will be inaugurated at the reopening of MAR, the event is themed “Architecture and Urbanism ”After a successful first edition last year, with the auditorium of the Museum of Art of Rio ...

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Funarte via Portal Editais e Afins. Disclosure.

Funarte Visual Arts Award 2020/2021, by Rosângela Vig

Notice of Public Notice via Public Notices and Related: The National Arts Foundation - Funarte published, launched the announcement of the Funarte Visual Arts Award 2020/2021 - The Dialogue Between the Historical Heritage of the City of Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian ...

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Photo by Elina Sazonova (pexels).

How to take advantage of the mirror in architecture and interior remodeling

We all know that the mirror allows to visually increase the interior spaces. As remodelações interiores tiram muito partido da sua utilização, pois dão mais luz, criam amplitude espacial e tornam as divisórias mais sofisticadas. Os projetos de arquitetura propõem-se surpreender quem ...

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Five tips for those who want to get a makeover

At the end of a work it is common to find people totally frustrated because they can not get even halfway to the requirements of planning or expenses that arise were not expected; to circumvent this scenario, architect Aline Macedo, partner-owner ...

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William Wisnik minister Space lecture at work: city, art, architecture

At the meeting which takes place in the Ema House Museum Klabin, William Wisnik address intriguing questions involving art and architecture. The architect and professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo, William Wisnik, Minister the next day 31 from ...

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#BUT - Theological Café presents: "Colonial Heritage Latin American"

The Sacred Art Museum of Sao Paulo promotes on 10 October 2018 Café Theological “Colonial Latin American heritage “, with Professor. Dr. Percival Tirapeli. this coffee, we will see how years of research can generate an interesting and complete publication - in text ...

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55SP occupies not Poster 011

55SP is occupying artists with works in the intersection with fashion, design e música São Paulo, July 2018 – Starting tomorrow, Saturday, the 55SP will occupy the store Cartel 011 for a pop-up project. The space ...

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The caricature of architecture Simon Taylor

Artist launches book with 137 illustrations of Curitiba, Brazil and other countries the curitibano designer Simon Taylor started your career as a caricaturist/political cartoonist 1996, but when he began to draw on the spot four years ago, excited by the world movement Urban ...

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Network/Espelho (featured). Photo: Evelyn Muller.

“The Network, The Mole, The Good” by Jessica Tan

As this year the Soft Armchair, by Sérgio Rodrigues complete 60 years and even after all this time is still current and present super in various environments signed by architects and designers, I'll show you so much as other Brazilian Securities, whom ...

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