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long live magenta: tips for applying color 2023 in architecture and decoration. Image from Sketchepedia on Freepik.

long live magenta: tips for applying color 2023 in architecture and decoration

From walls to furniture, learn about the possibilities of using the trend color of the season each year, a Pantone®, American company that develops a color system widely used in the fashion industry, of beauty and design, to quote ...

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pet architecture: how to include your friend in home decor. Freepik image.

pet architecture: how to include your friend in home decor

Essential tips for your pet to be honored and included in your decor More and more, Pets have become important members of families and have influenced home decor.. Therefore, pet architecture has gained space and ...

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Photo from the latest issue of DW! Sao Paulo Design Week. Photo: Fabiano Sanches.

A trip around the world with design and architecture festivals

Put on your agenda the most important design events to visit in 2023 Design and architecture festivals reach hundreds of capitals around the world, in their multiple approaches, they value creative people and set the course for world design. Founded ...

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Architecture for seniors understand the difference. Freepik image.

architecture for seniors: understand the differential

Professor Patricia Melasso Garcia, from the UDF Architecture and Urbanism course, explains that a place specially designed for the elderly, must have good accessibility, safety and comfort Each person's home reflects their lifestyle, her ...

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Quintino Facci, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

architecture and fashion: It is possible to relate the two areas?

How two areas that seem so different, and who work with different parts and needs, can relate in art and other fields? São Paulo, June 2022 – The areas that work with aesthetics and art are always ...

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Kids' room. Photo: Evertec Architecture.

Architects list the 5 best kids room tips

Functionality, adaptation and safety are the pillars for the design of a children's room; the architects Caroline Monti and Amanda Cristina, by Evertec Architecture, list the main tips for those who want to set up a safe and cozy children's room. Not ...

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What is the importance of sustainable architecture and urbanism?. Photo: Tirachard Kumtanom no Pexels.

What is the importance of sustainable architecture and urbanism?

Sustainable architecture and urbanism is a field that has been growing more and more in recent years and, different from what many think, it doesn't just cover the most obvious issues in the subject., but, the artistic side. When if ...

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Exhibition "Future Now – Revisiting Architecture on Earth", featured. Photo: Pablo Casals Aguirre.

Architecture and Sustainability - Exhibition “future now” – Praça Mauá – 08/09

The exhibition “Future Now – Revisiting Architecture on Earth”, on Praça Mauá, brings a new look at the primary materials used in construction, the meaning for sustainability and technical and architectural solutions in contemporary projects. From 8 September to 17 ...

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Background photo created by freepik - br.freepik.com.

Architectural trends for 2021

Architectural trends for 2021 are hotter than ever. So, it is necessary for companies to adapt and understand the new branches that are emerging and the possibilities of the new environments and reforms that have appeared thanks to the ...

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Apartment design by the singer of the band Maneva by Giovanna Gogosz. Photo: Disclosure.

Architect brings psychology and biophilia to the apartment project of the singer of the band Maneva

The project was carried out bringing to the apartment the main characteristics and tastes of customers; architect and digital influencer Giovanna Gogosz tells the details of the São Paulo process, February 2021 – During social isolation, people realized ...

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