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Whoever left is someone's love, 4º Act. Photo: Ichiro Guerra.

Vigilance of cultural workers keeps spreading love

Day 29 of June, from 16h, in the Praça dos Três Poderes, performance will celebrate the Force of Love Since June 1st, every Monday evening, art, a natureza e a arquitetura de ...

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‘WHO'S PARTY IS SOMEONE'S LOVE’ - 4th Performance, featured. Disclosure.

‘WHO'S LEAVE IS SOMEONE'S LOVE’ – 4ª Performance

4ª Performance / Silent Vigil of cultural workers will pay tribute to indigenous peoples Act will take place at the National Theater, from 5:30 pm From the 1st of June, todas as segundas-feiras do mês têm se caracterizado por performances ao ...

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Performance "WHO'S PARTY IS SOMEONE'S LOVE", featured. Disclosure.


Performance / homage directed by Hugo Rodas and artists from Brasilia Workers and cultural workers from Brasilia will take to the streets in solidarity with those who lost their loved ones and to honor those who left. A mobilização é ...

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Alternative Cultural Spaces PRESENT “Proposals Emergency Non Bankruptcy”

CHARTER OF ALTERNATIVE CULTURAL SPACES FROM THE FEDERAL DISTRICT SUPPORT IN FRONT OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, It can only be realized the ideal of free human beings, free from fear and want, If ...

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Traces magazine initiates action “Ambassadors” design and launches digital sale

Actions seek to minimize the impact of the crisis on the lives of Spokespersons of Culture You already know: those responsible for making the magazine Traces reaches readers are Spokespersons of Culture. People that, before knowing the traits, estavam ...

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Circonjecturas exhibition catalog launches and conducts workshop with artist

Rafael Silveira will be in Brasilia on Saturday (7) para ensinar os participantes a fazer um “autodesretrato” Aberta ao público na CAIXA Cultural Brasília até o dia 15 of december, a exposição individual do artista paranaense Rafael Silveira, chamada Circonjecturas, brings ...

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Circonjecturas exhibition features surrealist universe of Rafael Silveira in CAIXA Cultural Brasília

The show features paintings, sculptures, bordados e instalações interativas A CAIXA cultural Brasília recebe a primeira grande exposição individual do artista paranaense Rafael Silveira, chamada Circonjecturas. The show, with Low Ribeiro curatorial, It will be inaugurated on 15 October, to 19 ...

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"The Brazilian People's Art" – 300 works signed by artists from around the country

Foot Palito makes retrospective of Brazilian popular art in Iguatemi Shopping "The Brazilian People's Art" Space, which functions as antique and art gallery, present 300 works by artists from around the country from day ...

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Exhibition at the Museum of the Republic celebrates 40 Years of Lia trajectory of Rio

Curated by Bené Fonteles, the "Sleep Time" show is on display in 2 from July to 4 August, in Brasília. Artist living in Rio's capital presents new works in Brasilia of his research on the nature of ...

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"Voices of the Soul", exhibition on display at the Museum of the Republic, offers catalog for online access and download free

To consult online: To download issuu.com/olivierboels/docs/catalogo_vozes_da_alma: In bit.ly/CatalogoVozesdaAlma 28 pages, the catalog presents the exhibition through touching testimonials from artists, texts about the work developed for the realization of shows and accessibility, for deaf people, beyond ...

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