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Since June 2021, the Ema Klabin House Museum is implementing a new visual identity based on the brand review, made by designer Dárkon V. Roque.

Ema Klabin House Museum prepares for reopening with news

museum houses 35 centuries of art and culture The Ema Klabin House Museum completes, in 2022, 15 years of its opening to the public. Since then, its presence in the cultural calendar has been consolidated., and even your name came to express ...

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Ant Service, artist João Loureiro (2013) – A train circulated by the Ema Klabin Foundation. Photo: Marcos Gorgatti.

Ema Klabin House Museum opens public notice for the Imaginary Garden Program

Notice gives opportunity to new artists who will be able to exhibit their works in the Garden designed by Burle Marx. Live of presentation of the notice happens one day 22 of july since 2013, the Ema klabin House Museum promotes the Imaginary Garden Program that takes ...

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CLA. Maria's hair, featured. Photo: Paulo Savala.

Ema Klabin House Museum brings live show to celebrate June festivities

Cia Cabelo de Maria celebrates June with a themed show. Coco, xote, Baião, marchinhas form the richness of the repertoire and the variety of rhythms of the show It is not because the pandemic does not allow for crowds that we will not celebrate the ...

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House Museum Ema Klabin. Photo: Collection of the Ema Klabin House-Museum.

Casa Museu Ema Klabin promotes meetings with great writers

Online dating cycle brings great names from literature, in addition to new talents. Cristovão Tezza, José Eduardo Agualusa, Luiz Ruffato and Selma Maria Kuasne are part of the program Whoever loves literature has an appointment with great writers. The House Museum ...

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Obra "Rio de Janeiro" Tarsila do Amaral. Photo: Isabella Matheus.

Exhibition “35 Centuries of Art and Culture” of the Casa Museu Ema Klabin disembarks on Line 5-Lilac by subway

Curated by Paulo Costa, show brings twenty panels with images of works by great masters of art São Paulo, March 2021 – The thousands of people who pass daily at Line 5-Lilac subway stations in São ...

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Maria Bonomi. Photo: Lena Peres.

Maria Bonomi records an exclusive video on the conception of the rare album “Balada do Terror e 8 Variations "

First lithography album made in Brazil had a circulation of only 20 copies, um deles pertence a coleção da Casa-Museu Ema Klabin Um dos principais nomes da criação artística no Brasil, Maria Bonomi, gravou um vídeo exclusivo sobre a ...

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"Descriptive Landscapes" . Photo and art: Lucas Länder.

Exhibition: Contemporary Break at the Ema Klabin House-Museum

Mostra virtual traz um olhar sobre o trabalho premiado “Paisagens Descritivas” No próximo dia 31 October, Saturday, the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin promotes the virtual exhibition “Descriptive Landscapes”, artist Lucas Länder. A iniciativa faz parte da série Intervalo ...

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House Museum Ema Klabin. Photo: Collection of the Ema Klabin House-Museum.

Casa-Museu Ema Klabin brings a rich online program in the 14th Week of Museums

Monotipia virtual office, interviews with artists, music and you will also learn more about two art collections created by women ahead of their time, sisters Eva and Ema Klabin The Casa-Museu Ema Klabin participates in 21 ...

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Hot spots of SP, House-museum Ema Klabin has more than 1500 artworks. Photo Henry Light.

Casa-Museu Ema Klabin invites the public to be a chronicler of its time

The idea is for people to express, through art, your feelings in this unique period We live a pandemic moment unprecedented in our recent history. So that the public can express their thoughts about this unique moment, the ...

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"Balada do Terror" - lithography on paper (1971) by Maria Bonomi, featured. Photo: Google Arts and Project.

Rare prints of Maria Bonomi and Goya will be presented at the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin

The rare album “Balada do Terror e 8 Variations ", by artist Maria Bonomi, conta com apenas vinte exemplares no mundo A Casa-Museu Ema Klabin continua com uma rica programação cultural pelo projeto #CasaMuseuEmCasa. In August, o público poderá conferir importantes ...

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