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"Balada do Terror" - lithography on paper (1971) by Maria Bonomi, featured. Photo: Google Arts and Project.

Rare prints of Maria Bonomi and Goya will be presented at the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin

O raro álbum “Balada do Terror e 8 Variations ", da artista Maria Bonomi, conta com apenas vinte exemplares no mundo A Casa-Museu Ema Klabin continua com uma rica programação cultural pelo projeto #CasaMuseuEmCasa. In August, o público poderá conferir importantes ...

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Milton Hatoum. Photo: Olga Vlahou.

Casa-Museu Ema Klabin promotes meetings with great writers

Milton Hatoum, Betty Milan, José Roberto Walker. Além de novos talentos como Fabiana Vanz A Casa-Museu Ema Klabin continua com sua rica programação cultural pelo Projeto #CasaMuseuEmCasa. Durante os meses de julho, agosto e setembro estão confirmadas lives com grandes ...

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"Remote Control" reflects on the role played by the media Photos: Ding Musa.

News on the virtual schedule for the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin in July

Even in social isolation, with the help of technology, quarantine can be a period of great entertainment and culture Every day, Casa-Museu Ema Klabin strengthens its virtual program with cultural activities through the project #CasaMuseuEmCasa. To participate in ...

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Anaconda installation by Alex Flemming. Photo: Henry Light.

Check the online schedule of the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin

Artistic interventions by Alex Flemming and João Loureiro, educational activities and musical actions move the Foundation's social networks during quarantine, Casa-Museu Ema Klabin is taking a program full of attractions on its social networks through the program #CasaMuseuEmCasa Nas ...

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Matheus Alves presents copyright compositions on YouTube at Casa-Museu. Photo: Giovani Vieira.

Casa-Museu Ema Klabin offers online cultural programming

Through the museum's social networks, the public will be able to listen to unprecedented performances by guitarists who have already shared the stage with big names, miss homesick groups that have already performed at the museum, fazer download gratuito da Revista Digital “Mulher e Seus ...

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#CasaMuseuEmCasa brings activities for children and lots of music

Through African art objects, furniture and furniture from Ema Klabin's collection, children will learn about art and mythology and have a lot of fun. Those who like music cannot miss the amazing shows on Canal do ...

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House Museum Ema Klabin has more than 1500 works of great masters world. Photo: Henry Light.

House Museum Ema Klabin has news in quarantine

House Museum presents a rich cultural program that goes from the distance a virtual tour of the museum works, exhibitions, youtube channel at concerts, to free access to publications, including an unpublished notebook with Ema Revenue Klabin. Nessa época de ...

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The Art of Graffiti in House Museum Ema Klabin

The backdrop Graffiti series will bring the artist Binho Ribeiro and Fragments Exhibition The Foundation Ema Klabin promotes backdrop Graffiti series that invites artists to leave their marks on the stage which hosts musical performances of the House Museum. The guest ...

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Ema Klabin House Museum reopens on anniversary week 466 years of São Paulo

On 25 there will be a Photo Walk in honor of Earth drizzle. O museu também retorna com suas visitas mediadas ao acervo e uma extensa programação cultural A Casa-Museu Ema Klabin, in Jardim Europa, SP, reabre ao público no próximo ...

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House Museum Ema Klabin launches Digital Magazine on your schedule

Open to the public from 2007, the Foundation has established a diverse program of educational activities, exhibitions, courses, lectures and musical performances. The programming may be conferred in the journal. The House-Museum Ema Klabin held the next day 6 of december (Friday), ...

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