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Dorothy Lederman. Photo: Dario Zalis.

Modernist Gallery hosts the exhibition “From the earth” from 21/1, Saturday

Until March, show in Santa Teresa brings together ceramic works signed by award-winning artists From the day 21 January, Saturday, Iconic association of the Carioca Carnival, in Santa Teresa, will host the exhibition “Da Terra”, curated by Thelma Innecco and ...

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Emiliano Nunes. Photo: Isabel Se Oh.

Five artists present sculptural ceramic pieces at the exhibition “Intemperismos – Barro, fire and art”

Group show with five visual artists from Brasilia, exhibits sculptural pieces – in ceramic – ranging from inventive to ingenious When talking about high-temperature ceramic pieces, the image of utilities soon comes to mind, but in “Weathering ...

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Carol Lamaita has been working with ceramics for 20 years, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

beyond the hobby: “Ceramist's Journey” teaches you how to build a profitable ceramic business

A famous saying from Paraíba says that “the first craftsman was God who, after creating the world, took the clay and made Adam.”. That's because ceramic arts shape minerals from the earth, like metals, mud, clay, sand, generating tools, parts ...

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Cris Martim. Photo:Cris Martinm.

Female protagonism in ceramic art show at Cafeteria Pató, day 12 March

The Cafeteria Pató, and CLN 407 North, receives a new edition of the Itinerant Author Ceramics Fair Showcase of utilitarian and artistic ceramics that circulates through cafes in the Federal District In a mostly male market, the art production, at ...

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Ceramic implement. Photo: Torrando Cafe.

Torrando Cafe (CLN 109), Torrando Cafe

large works by one of the biggest names in sculpture n.., large works by one of the biggest names in sculpture n..: Centro-West Art Center Olhos d'Água ...

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Master Zinho. Photo: Renato Acha.

Among the participating artists are Mestre Zinho

Ceramic Art and Crafts Fair 1st Meeting of Ceramists from DF and Surroundings 29 and 30 January 2022 Living Museum of Candanga Memory Free entry Ceramic production boomed during the pandemic. social isolation ...

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Ana Canetti. Photo: Mariana Alves.

I Meeting of Ceramists of the Federal District and Surroundings opens free registration for Ceramic Workshops

Registration until 17 January 2022 in bit.ly/Oficinasde Ceramica Oficinas de 25 to 28 January 2022 The 1st Meeting of Ceramists of the Federal District and Surroundings will bring together artisans, students and the public interested in arts and crafts to enjoy ...

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Work by Hilda Freire de Olhos D'Água, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Ceramic Art and Crafts Fair opens free entries for artists from the Federal District and the surrounding areas

Candanga Memory Living Museum Inscriptions: By 31 th December 2021 no link: bit.ly/InscricaoFeiraArteArtesanatoCeramica The Ceramic Art and Crafts Fair will be part of the 1st Encounter of Ceramists of the Federal District and Surroundings. The event will bring together artisans, students ...

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Debora Amorim. Photo: Disclosure.

10 artists exhibit their ceramic works at the – how much coffee – Saturday, day 18

The charming As Coffee, at 103 North, receive day 18 of december, Saturday, the first edition of the Traveling Fair of Authorial Ceramics Artists ceramists invite Brasília to appreciate their works and take the opportunity to present them with exclusivity this Christmas The moment ...

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Love Im Ceramics. Photo: Debora Amorim.

Ceramic art show meets 13 exhibitors this saturday, day 6/11, no Cobogó Market

The Cobogó Market promotes the second edition of the Cobogó Ceramics Where visitors can enjoy multiple works in artistic and utilitarian ceramics, with the possibility of acquiring them from the hands of those who make them Moments of calm, patience, practice and introspection ...

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