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Exhibition of Visual Arts "Excuse me I'm going to fight" by Rosangela Vig

I am the woman to whom the time Very taught. Taught to love life. Don't give up the fight. Start over in defeat. Waive negative words and thoughts. Believe in human values. Be optimistic. (CORALINA, 2004, p. 132) The words would ...

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Group exhibition the Cry of the Innocent by Rosangela Vig

My hands the bakeries… Never idle. Fruitful. Vast and busy. Laborious hands. Open always to give, Help, together and bless (CORALINA, 2004, p. 218) Built by the hands of our great Cora Coralina, poetry speaks to us of the hands busy on your deals ...

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Artenavida Group offers entire Environment. Invitation, featured. Disclosure.

“Environment in full” by Rosângela Vig

I am the earth, I am the life. My boat first came the man. From me came the woman and came the love. Came the tree and came to source. The fruit comes and the flower comes. I am ...

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Exhibition “Popular Picture” in SESC Belenzinho by Rosangela Vig

The walls covered with paper, Design of Cherubim, holding cornucopia and ties, Portraits of ancestors, solemn, strutting, People of dantes. (CORALINA, p. 61, 2004) Only a poetic look could describe an ancient mansion, so beautiful. In this short excerpt from ...

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