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Tips for decorating a children's room

One of the favorite activities of those who move to a new home is to choose the items that will compose the environments. But one of those tasks, in particular, is usually the parents' favorite: decorating children's room. Selecionar cada objeto e ...

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Sustainable decoration: understand this concept and how to do

Sustainable decoration is based on the reuse of materials, like bottles, pallets, tires and other objects. In this way, prevent them from going to waste and polluting the environment during their decomposition process. Never spoken ...

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How to decorate a small kitchen

Whoever buys a house or apartment needs to choose the furniture that will compose each of the rooms, thinking of making them nice and complete. In this process, one of the priorities should be decorating kitchen, garantindo que ela tenha tudo o que é ...

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Tips on how to use curtains in your decor

The use of curtains goes beyond decoration. This accessory is not just for beauty, also including situations where the clarity is accentuated and the place needs a resource to adapt to external elements. Ambientes internos ...

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Children's rug. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Decoration rich in colors and shapes can help child development

Line of rugs with designs specially created for children can stimulate creativity and well-being of little ones; Neuroscience proves the importance of decoration in the development of affective memory The environment where we live is capable of provoking different sensations, establish links ...

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How to combine wood in your decor

Some materials have a strong presence in the properties, both in the structural and in the decor. The wood in decoration, for example, can collaborate to awaken a feeling of warmth and comfort, besides giving an air of sophistication. In addition to ...

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Sinteco: how to apply this floor and combine it with your decor

Sinteco is a clear varnished resin, developed based on acrylic, water and formaldehyde, widely used to shine wooden floors. Its effectiveness is so great, that many people apply the product as a kind of ...

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How to set up an elegant gourmet area

The gourmet area is a completely planned space, developed and assembled, mainly, for social interaction. This environment dedicated to the reception of guests has become popular and is already considered a trend in the real estate sector. Increasingly ...

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Tips for painting your home

Changing the color of the walls is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a new decoration or renovation. It is no wonder that many people seek tips for painting, just to choose the right shade ...

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Tips on how to decorate clothing stores

A clothing store sells accessories for people's appearance and therefore deals directly with customers' self-esteem. For this reason, you need to know how to furnish clothing stores. Working with the decoration properly brings ...

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