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Types of lighting to be used in your home

Choosing from the many types of lighting can seem like a daunting task at first, but the truth is that this is one of the most important elements of your decor. The correct light in the environment can give an air ...

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Dark furniture: see how to use this decorative trend

Environments with dark furniture, although not as popular, are essential in the context of an environment and enhancement of key pieces that the resident wishes to highlight, like a picture on a wall, a view, a graphic look, among other. Sua falta ...

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What is 3D coating and how to use it in your home?

3D coating is on the rise, being considered one of the most modern for wall decoration. It is modern and ends up eliminating the use of furniture, that is, does not occupy circulation space. In other words, é uma forma de ...

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Decorated ceiling: see some ways to do it at home

Maybe you don't know, but having a decorated ceiling makes all the difference in your home. Including, when we talk about real estate decoration, we are faced with infinite options, that range from the color of the paint to the last frame in the ...

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What is neuroarchitecture and how it influences the planning of environments

There are more than 25 neuroarchitecture has been used in buildings and space conceptions for years, in order to bring more positive behaviors to the people who live or live there, adding essential benefits for a good quality of life. ...

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Architectural trends for 2021

Architectural trends for 2021 are hotter than ever. So, é preciso que as empresas se adaptem e entendam os novos ramos que estão surgindo e as possibilidades das novas ambientações e reformas que apareceram graças ao ...

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How to decorate a kitchen while spending little?

Many times, when we receive visitors at our home, it's normal for us to spend a lot of time in the living room or kitchen, for that, we have to have very well decorated environments. Today, veremos como decorar uma cozinha gastando ...

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Get to know the boho decorating style and how to apply it

Boho decor is one of the most popular among homes around the world, not only because it exudes a strong authentic style and full of cultural references, but also because it is characterized as a form of aesthetic freedom, ...

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Maintenance and care tips for furniture and wooden floors

It is not new that wood has always been present in the daily life of mankind, from older times to the present day. Thinking about it, today, we will understand a little better about how to take care of your furniture and flooring ...

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Cloffice: meet the new trend for home office

Today it is impossible to ignore the impacts that the crisis of 2020 had in the world as a whole, not only in health, but also in the professional sense and in the routine of companies and professionals. That's when the concept arises ...

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