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Decorating ideas with recyclable materials

Você já pensou em utilizar os materiais recicláveis produzidos na sua casa para redecorar ambientes e criar espaços personalizados? With this, besides beautifying your home, it is also possible to contribute to the environment. Think about sustainable actions, who ...

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See tips to restore your home furniture and modify your decor

Muitas pessoas estão investindo em restaurar móveis antigos por diversas razões. Among them the fact that these furniture are more resistant and offer a unique decoration to the space. In addition, there is a big money saving, o que acaba ...

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Tips for decorating and organizing your bathroom

Decorating the bathroom can be difficult for some people, after all we are talking about a smaller environment that does not require much decoration. Ideally, he should be discreet, comfortable and clean. However, even if you don't need decoration ...

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Antique Furniture: know the advantages and disadvantages of choosing them

Old furniture is something that catches people's attention, mainly, due to its rusticity and its differences between the options we find in the market. It is also not today that we hear people say that furniture ...

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Oriental decoration: to make your residence more Zen!

Oriental decor is conquering more and more people who want to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the home. And that doesn't just concern the decorations adopted in China and Japan. Quem admira a cultura asiática pode ...

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How to use crafts to decorate your entire home

Using crafts for home decor has become a very common practice, principalmente para pessoas que desejam imprimir um toque de personalidade ao local e, at the same time, investir em elementos sustentáveis e criativos. Isso porque os artesanatos em ...

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Retro decoration: know how to do

You know what a retro decor is and how it can be applied in a practical and beautiful way in your home? Decorating a property can be a very interesting and enjoyable task, principalmente quando ela é pensada para atender ...

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You know Scandinavian decor? Learn about this style

Cozy and welcoming, the style of Scandinavian decor is increasingly present in Brazilian homes, being a modern trend for interior designers and architects. Known for its neutral colors and straight lines, esse tipo de decoração se ...

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Decorating tips for apartment balcony

Thinking about balcony decor is on the rise, because it has become an important environment for apartments. Many people demand the presence of this space, because it values ​​the property and enables new creations. Eles deixaram de ser apenas ...

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How to decorate your office and make your home office more productive

The public and economic health crisis triggered by the new coronavirus, the Covid-19, demanded compliance with social isolation measures, according to WHO recommendations (World Health Organization). With this, many people had to decorate office, rooms and others ...

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